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Polizia Stradale

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vehicles as needed. BMW 3 Series (E90) Volkswagen Passat Alfa Romeo 159 Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce Alfa Romeo Giulietta Audi A4 BMW 330 Touring Jeep Renegade...

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Official state car

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trimmed in wood and white leather. The government fleet includes a varied array of vehicles, notably Alfa Romeo 159, 166, Stelvio and Giulia, Audi A6 and A8...

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doi:10.1073/pnas.2014716117. PMC 7519220. PMID 32900939. Alyodawi K, Vermeij WP, Omairi S, Kretz O, Hopkinson M, Solagna F, et al. (June 2019). "Compression...

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Iron Maiden

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original on 25 January 2021. Retrieved 12 April 2021. Kielty 2015b. Lach 2015b; 2015. Bio201617 2021. Munro 2017b. Kreps 2018. LOTB Tour 2021. "European...

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Genetically modified crops

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plants. Transgenic carrots have been used to produce the drug Taliglucerase alfa which is used to treat Gaucher's disease. In the laboratory, transgenic plants...

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List of aircraft engines

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Meteor Alfa 1 Meteor Alfa 1AQ Meteor Alfa 2 Meteor Alfa 2AQ Meteor Alfa 2V Meteor Alfa 3 Meteor Alfa 3AQ Meteor Alfa 4 Meteor Alfa 4V Meteor Alfa 5 Metrovick...

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to be useful in preventing testicular damage and infertility. Interferon alfa-2b may reduce the duration of symptoms and incidence of complications. In...

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Transforming growth factor beta

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cytokine belonging to the transforming growth factor superfamily that includes three different mammalian isoforms (TGF-β 1 to 3, HGNC symbols TGFB1, TGFB2...

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Interferon gamma

Last Update:

3): 591–598. doi:10.1099/vir.0.016964-0. PMID 19906941. Sainz B, Halford WP (November 2002). "Alpha/Beta interferon and gamma interferon synergize to...

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Bharat Ratna

Last Update:

ISBN 978-1-139-45657-9. Chandra, Shailesh (2009). Bharat Ratna: The Jewel of India. Alfa Publications. p. 320. ISBN 978-81-907385-0-7. Murthi, R. K. (2005). Encyclopedia...

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List of LTE networks in Asia

Last Update:

Retrieved 2015-06-24. "Alfa launching VoLTE, claims Lebanese first". TeleGeography. 2018-09-14. Retrieved 2018-09-18. "Alfa launches commercial LTE in...

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Polavaram Project

Last Update:

meters which was achieved by Abdul Wahid Bin Shabib, RALS Contracting LLC and Alfa Eng. Consultant (all UAE), in Dubai between May 18 and 20 in 2017. The Chief...

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Mass media in Poland

Last Update:

content are among the country's most-visited websites (examples are:;;; The Polish constitution of 1997 guarantees freedom...

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Last Update:

Surrey E, Johnson NP, Watts NB, Gallagher JC, Simon JA, Carr BR, Dmowski WP, Leyland N, Rowan JP, Duan WR, Ng J, Schwefel B, Thomas JW, Jain RI, Chwalisz...

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for B, C, Al, Si, Ge, As, Se, Ag, Sb, Te, and Au available on-line from Alfa Aesa; Goodfellow; Metallium; and United Nuclear Scientific. Based on spot...

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Last Update:

Bağdadî in p.196Urfa'da Pişer Bize de Düşer, Halil & Munise Yetkin Soran, Alfa Yayın, 2009, Istanbul ISBN 978-605-106-065-1 Aksoy, Mustafa; Sezgi, Gülistan...

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List of Bulgarian military equipment of World War II

Last Update:

p. 17, ISBN 978-954-9348-40-8 Available online atОтбрана-на-морско-крайбрежие.pdf Archived 2021-08-07...

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(granulocyte-colony-stimulating factor, e.g., filgrastim, lenograstim, efbemalenograstim alfa). In very severe myelosuppression, which occurs in some regimens, almost...

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Economy of Mexico

Last Update:

(PDF). Latin American Journal of Economics. 48 (2): 227–268. doi:10.21034/wp.693. ISSN 0719-0433. JSTOR 41959232. SSRN 1976515. Crandall, R (September...

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Gornji Milanovac

Last Update:

Štamparija", "PCM Graf", "CIS Ecopoint", "Maksimil", "Jomla Group","Digitel", "Alfa Support", etc. After 2001 and 2002, most workers organizations (that was...

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Bone morphogenetic protein 5

Last Update:

cartilage". Development. 131 (1): 229–40. doi:10.1242/dev.00901. PMID 14660436. Xu WP, Shiba H, Mizuno N, Uchida Y, Mouri Y, Kawaguchi H, Kurihara H (2005). "Effect...

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Elderly care

Last Update:

2010-11-22. "Elderly Care". 10 March 2021. Retrieved 2021-07-08. ALFA: Assisted Living Federation of America Archived 2017-01-01 at the Wayback...

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Last Update:

141–7. doi:10.1016/j.radonc.2015.11.022. PMID 26702991. Dijkstra S, Witjes WP, Roos EP, Vijverberg PL, Geboers AD, Bruins JL, Smits GA, Vergunst H, Mulders...

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2003 world oil market chronology

Last Update:

publicly traded oil company. (WP, WSJ) December 2: President George W. Bush signs a $27.3 billion energy and water bill that includes funding for a nuclear waste...

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Leukemia inhibitory factor receptor

Last Update:

(15): 11648–55. doi:10.1016/S0021-9258(19)78174-5. PMID 7512571. Schiemann WP, Graves LM, Baumann H, Morella KK, Gearing DP, Nielsen MD, Krebs EG, Nathanson...

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Glycoprotein 130

Last Update:

272 (25): 15760–4. doi:10.1074/jbc.272.25.15760. PMID 9188471. Schiemann WP, Bartoe JL, Nathanson NM (1997). "Box 3-independent signaling mechanisms are...

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