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Peter Biar Ajak

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Perseus Strategies, LLC. June 12, 2019, Steve Nadis...

Word Count : 4231

European Masters Swimming Championships

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Word Count : 275

Junior Ndagano

Last Update: http://www...

Word Count : 239

Edina Library

Last Update:

County Library“1968 Publicity Scrapbook Summary,”, p. 2 Hennepin County Library...

Word Count : 1089

Phil Migliarese

Last Update:[bare URL PDF]

Word Count : 849

Adolf Cluss

Last Update:

com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/09/16/AR2005091601904.html - Family Stories - Cluss's Travels -

Word Count : 4093

Ricardo Migliarese

Last Update:[bare URL PDF]

Word Count : 811


Last Update:[bare URL PDF][bare...

Word Count : 8525

List of oldest buildings in Canada

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told by Queenston res...". Niagara Advance.

Word Count : 2974

Dovid Katz

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Musée d'Aquitaine in Bordeaux Rutgers "Jewish Studies Program"...

Word Count : 6351

Yolanda Young

Last Update:

Washington Post, Sunday, August 26, 2007 OBABL Media Company www.obabl...

Word Count : 981

Alexander Sinchuk

Last Update:

The European Piano Nights{{Cite web|url= AFFIL: Association...

Word Count : 1562

QLS connector

Last Update: SMA connector...

Word Count : 134


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May 2015.[permanent dead link] Wojtek. "Information...

Word Count : 4103


Last Update:

"WP: Clubhouse? An Exploration of Wikipedia's Gender Imbalance" (PDF). WikiSym 2011: 4. Graham, Mark. "Mapping the Geographies of Wikipedia Content"....

Word Count : 22817

Lightvessel stations of Great Britain

Last Update:

Word Count : 2240

Matila Ghyka

Last Update:

Ghyka’s Writings.“ In: Hermeneia 17, 2016, pp. 253–265, Arbre généalogique de la famille...

Word Count : 1392


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Word Count : 1291

Blogging in Arab countries

Last Update:

Media in Bahrain. Retrieved from: Rasha, A. (2010). Arab Media over the Past Twenty Years:...

Word Count : 1727

New Zealand passport

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countries". Stopovers by Country, table 34[bare URL PDF] "Tourisme...

Word Count : 5010

Frank Elgee

Last Update:[bare URL image file]

Word Count : 3108

Yasumasa Morimura

Last Update:

2020. Hara Museum of Contemporary Art. Hasegawa, Kanae. “Yasumasa...

Word Count : 5505


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Historical data of the region around Svoge (in Bulgarian)

Word Count : 1573

Pelican Lake Indian Residential School

Last Update:

the Indian Residential School System. 2013. Te Hiwi, Braden...

Word Count : 1620


Last Update:[bare URL image file]

Word Count : 28456

Learning development

Last Update:

National HE STEM Programme. Available at: [Accessed...

Word Count : 2329

History of the Internet

Last Update:

literacy and local content.” June 2015 p 8–9 Susmita...

Word Count : 19299

List of battery sizes

Last Update:

2018. Retrieved 17 April 2018. Archived 2018-05-27 at the Wayback...

Word Count : 4491

Censorship of Facebook

Last Update:

traditional media channels since 2010. Facebook has limited moderation of the content posted to its site. Because the site indiscriminately displays material...

Word Count : 5297


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The Book of Dunbartonshire pg 397 Kirkintilloch, Town and Parish pg188 "Brickworks...

Word Count : 9333

Food security

Last Update:

PMID 31105504. "Want to feed nine billion?" Retrieved 25 August 2013 "World population...

Word Count : 22750

Algorithmic management

Last Update:, Feb. 2019. Retrieved from: "Data & Society"...

Word Count : 1904

Economy of the Philippines

Last Update:

Sugar Master Plan Foundation, Inc. 2010. p. 7.[bare URL...

Word Count : 13181

Frida Kahlo Museum

Last Update:

Frida Kahlo's Intimate Universe." URL: Retrieved June 2022. Carlos Phillips...

Word Count : 5760

National Gallery of Victoria

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au/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/ngv_corp_annualreport_2000_01.pdf National Gallery of Victoria Annual Report 2003-2004

Word Count : 5068

Carolinian people

Last Update: "Saipan lagoon use management plan." GovInfo,

Word Count : 9530

Bosea cypria

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org/web/20140201145132/[permanent dead...

Word Count : 384

Christianity in Asia

Last Update:

Christians[bare URL...

Word Count : 6066

Visa requirements for New Zealand citizens

Last Update:

countries". Stopovers by Country, table 34[bare URL PDF] "Tourisme...

Word Count : 12216

Apostasy in Christianity

Last Update:

Herald Press, 1954), 306–309, obtained at See Christian...

Word Count : 26526

History of Wikipedia

Last Update:

was introduced, replacing the older UseModWiki. Written specifically for the project by Magnus Manske, it included a PHP wiki engine. In July 2002, a major...

Word Count : 19563