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WordPress (also known as WP or is a web content management system. It was originally created as a tool to publish blogs but has evolved...

Word Count : 6176

Medical education in the Philippines

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Order no. 10, series of 2006[permanent dead link]. Electronic National...

Word Count : 2014

AFP Modernization Act

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Department of National Defense Government Arsenal

Word Count : 6902

Arctic Spas

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northern exposure." April 16, 2010.[permanent dead...

Word Count : 1028

Ordnance Factory Board

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Nehru's Team Eluded "Father Of Optics"". "Lateral entry in Modi...

Word Count : 4022


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Seishin Yakurigaku Zasshi (in Japanese). 23 (4): 171–178. PMID 13677912. Melega WP, Cho AK, Schmitz D, Kuczenski R, Segal DS (February 1999). "l-methamphetamine...

Word Count : 14837

Speed limits in the United States

Last Update: Retrieved March 21, 2019. Title 22 - Highways and...

Word Count : 4404

Cosme Bento

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e utopias. Maranhão, 2010. Available at: <>...

Word Count : 2957

Colin Thorne

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2012. "Foster Green EcoDistrict Assessment"

Word Count : 8189

United States involvement in regime change

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Charlie This is Michael Vickers's War," Archived November 26, 2017,...

Word Count : 30988


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International Copper Association; Archived 2018-06-29...

Word Count : 13743

Crime in Ivory Coast

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Report. (2019). [ebook] U.S. Embassy. Available at: [Accessed 8 Feb. 2020]...

Word Count : 2718

Trade Adjustment Assistance

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and Carew, G., Policy Brief, available at

Word Count : 4580

Nuclear activities in Brazil

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Usos Pacíficos da Energia Nuclear, 17 May 1980. <[permanent...

Word Count : 20255

Digital Single Market

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", website of Ecipe, published on 12 October 2018,, accessed...

Word Count : 6475

Raj Bhala

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International Law, 35, 58-106 (with Eric Witmer), "Journal of Law & Public...

Word Count : 4931

List of armed factions in the Syrian Civil War

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Retrieved 8 August 2017. [dead link] "Analysis: Insurgents launch major offensive against...

Word Count : 21541

Poles in the United Kingdom

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"Szlachetna Misja", Ekspresje, vol. 1 2010, pp. 30–40, an illustrated history of the bookseller...

Word Count : 16235

Gornji Milanovac

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the original on 2013-10-03. Retrieved 2014-09-03.

Word Count : 6809

Open energy system models

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USA: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Retrieved 6 April 2021. MITEI-WP-2017-10. "GenX documentation". GenX project. Retrieved 9 June 2021. Dunning...

Word Count : 22267

Environmental racism in the United States

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Industrial Environments, MIT Press (2007).

Word Count : 13571

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