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WordPress (also known as WP or is a web content management system. It was originally created as a tool to publish blogs but has evolved...

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Wikipedia is a free content online encyclopedia written and maintained by a community of volunteers, known as Wikipedians, through open collaboration...

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General Dynamics European Land Systems

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MilitaryLeak. Retrieved 2023-09-01. NZZ/jc...

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Visa requirements for Pakistani citizens

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"Gabon e-Visa". [bare URL PDF] https://new...

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Pay to fly

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Contract, GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS" (PDF). Baltic Aviation Academy. pp. 5–6. "Type Rating Course:...

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Nuclear activities in Brazil

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Usos Pacíficos da Energia Nuclear, 17 May 1980. <[permanent...

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Abortion law

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without the knowledge of their husbands." chapter I, section 3 (in...

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Apostasy in Islam by country

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For Religious Practice,” Landinfo, Nov 27, 2017,

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Belligerents in the Syrian civil war

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Retrieved 8 August 2017. [dead link] "Analysis: Insurgents launch major offensive against...

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Environmental racism in the United States

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Industrial Environments, MIT Press (2007).

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