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White Ruthenia (Belarusian: Белая Русь, romanized: Biełaja Ruś; Polish: Ruś Biała; Russian: Белая Русь, romanized: Belaya Rus'; Ukrainian: Біла Русь, romanized: Bila Ruś) — one of the historical divisions of Kievan Rus' according to the color scheme, which also includes Black and Red Ruthenia. In the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern period, the name White Ruthenia was characterized by instability, designating a number of different regions on the territory of modern Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. It is recorded mainly in Western European sources, starting from the middle of the XIII century.

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White Ruthenia

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White Ruthenia (Belarusian: Белая Русь, romanized: Biełaja Ruś; Polish: Ruś Biała; Russian: Белая Русь, romanized: Belaya Rus'; Ukrainian: Біла Русь, romanized: Bila...

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Slavs. Russia itself was called Great Ruthenia or White Ruthenia until the end of the 17th century. "Rusia or Ruthenia" appears in the 1520 Latin treatise...

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Red Ruthenia

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Red Ruthenia, or Red Rus' (Latin: Ruthenia Rubra; Russia Rubra; Ukrainian: Червона Русь, romanized: Chervona Rus'; Polish: Ruś Czerwona; Russian: Красная...

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Black Ruthenia

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Black Ruthenia (Latin: Ruthenia Nigra), or Black Rus' (Belarusian: Чорная Русь, romanized: Čornaja Ruś; Lithuanian: Juodoji Rusia; Polish: Ruś Czarna)...

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White Russia

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Look up White Russia or White Russian in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. White Russia, White Russian, or Russian White may refer to: White Ruthenia, a historical...

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influences mixed and interfered. The first Latin Church diocese in White Ruthenia was established in Turaŭ between 1008 and 1013. Catholicism was a traditionally...

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Carpathian Ruthenia

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Carpathian Ruthenia (Rusyn: Карпатьска Русь, romanized: Karpat'ska Rus') is a historical region on the border between Central and Eastern Europe, mostly...

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Cardinal direction

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'White Sea': Mediterranean Sea in Turkish Balts, Baltic words containing the stem balt- ("white") Belarus, meaning 'White Russia' White Ruthenia White...

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Before, they were typically known as White Russians or White Ruthenians (from White Russia or White Ruthenia, based on "Белая Русь"). Upon Belarusian...

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region White Ruthenia (White Rus'), an East Slavic historical region Red Ruthenia (Red Rus'), an East Slavic historical region Black Ruthenia (Black Rus')...

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refer to: Ruthenia, a name applied to various East Slavic inhabited lands White Ruthenia, an East Slavic historical region Black Ruthenia, an East Slavic...

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regions with canyon-like fluvial valleys. Podolia lies east of historic Red Ruthenia, i.e. the eastern half of Galicia, beyond the Seret River, a tributary...

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Etymology of Belarus

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can be literally translated as White Ruthenia. Max Vasmer's dictionary suggests that the name may have come from the white clothing worn by the local Slavic...

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White Ruthenians

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White Ruthenians may refer to: inhabitants of the historical region of White Ruthenia in general historical and exonymic term for Belarusians Ruthenia...

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Duchy of Moscow from other East Slavs such as people from White Ruthenia (Belarusians), Red Ruthenia (Ukrainians), and others). With time, the word became...

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Regional Party of Lithuania and White Ruthenia

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The Regional Party of Lithuania and White Ruthenia was a political party of major Polish-speaking (mostly of Belarusian origin) nobility and landlords...

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Captive Nations

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Nations: Poland Hungary Lithuania Ukraine Czechoslovakia Latvia Estonia White Ruthenia (Belarus) Romania East Germany Bulgaria Mainland China Armenia Azerbaijan...

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conflated with its Latin forms Russia and Ruthenia, thus Belarus is often referred to as White Russia or White Ruthenia. The name first appeared in German and...

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German war crimes

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September – 17 October, Pleszczenice-Bischolin-Szack (Šacak)-Bobr-Uzda (White Ruthenia) massacre (1,126 children) 1942 26 March – 6 April, Operation Bamberg...

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King of Ruthenia

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King of Ruthenia, King of Rus', King of Galicia and Lodomeria, Lord and Heir of Ruthenian Lands (Ukrainian: Король Русі, король Галичини і Володимирії...

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Generalbezirk Weissruthenien

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Generalbezirk Weissruthenien (General District White Ruthenia) was one of the four administrative subdivisions of Reichskommissariat Ostland, the 1941–1945...

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List of Nazi Party leaders and officials

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Prussia from 1933 to 1936. He was the Generalkommissar for Weißruthenien (White Ruthenia) in the Reichskommissariat Ostland from 1941 until assassinated by partisans...

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List of historical regions of Central Europe

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West Prussia Rhineland Rhenish Hesse Ruthenia White Ruthenia or Belarus Black Ruthenia Carpathian Ruthenia Red Ruthenia Saxony Meissenland Osterland Pleissnerland...

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included in (or was in the sphere of influence of) the Grand Duchy of Kyiv (Ruthenia) as early as the tenth century. At that time Princess Olga sent a punitive...

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Reichskommissariat Turkestan

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Black Seas. These entities were Greater Finland, the Baltic region, White Ruthenia (Belarus), Greater Ukraine, Greater Caucasia, Turkestan, Idel-Ural,...

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