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White Ruthenia (in white) within the Grand Duchy of Lithuania as depicted by the French cartographer Henri Chatelain in a map from 1712

White Ruthenia (Church Slavonic: Бѣла Роусь, romanized: Bela Rous';[citation needed] Belarusian: Белая Русь, romanized: Biełaja Ruś; Polish: Ruś Biała; Russian: Белая Русь, romanized: Belaya Rus'; Ukrainian: Біла Русь, romanized: Bila Rus'), White Rus, is an archaism[1][2] for the eastern part of present-day Belarus, including the cities of Polotsk, Vitebsk and Mogilev. It is a common misconception that this region may also be called White Russia, however this is incorrect with the name predating the creation of Russia by a few centuries. Instead it derives from Ruthenia, a region which lies in modern day Ukraine and Belarus. The name Belarus refers to white Ruthenia and not Russia as is commonly believed.

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White Ruthenia

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White Ruthenia (Church Slavonic: Бѣла Роусь, romanized: Bela Rous';[citation needed] Belarusian: Белая Русь, romanized: Biełaja Ruś; Polish: Ruś Biała;...

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Ruthenia is an exonym, originally used in Medieval Latin as one of several terms for Kievan Rus', the Kingdom of Galicia-Volhynia and, after their collapse...

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Red Ruthenia

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Red Ruthenia, or Red Rus' (Latin: Ruthenia Rubra; Russia Rubra; Ukrainian: Червона Русь, romanized: Chervona Rus'; Polish: Ruś Czerwona, Ruś Halicka; Russian:...

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Black Ruthenia

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Black Ruthenia (Latin: Ruthenia Nigra), or Black Rus' (Belarusian: Чорная Русь, romanized: Čornaja Ruś; Lithuanian: Juodoji Rusia; Polish: Ruś Czarna)...

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White Russia

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Look up White Russia or White Russian in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. White Russia, White Russian, or Russian White may refer to: White Ruthenia, a historical...

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Carpathian Ruthenia

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Carpathian Ruthenia (Rusyn: Карпатьска Русь, romanized: Karpat'ska Rus') is a historical region on the border between Central and Eastern Europe, mostly...

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Before, they were typically known as White Russians or White Ruthenians (from White Russia or White Ruthenia, based on "Белая Русь"). Upon Belarusian...

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region White Ruthenia (White Rusʹ), an East Slavic historical region Red Ruthenia (Red Rusʹ), an East Slavic historical region Black Ruthenia (Black Rusʹ)...

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Regional Party of Lithuania and White Ruthenia

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The Regional Party of Lithuania and White Ruthenia was a political party of major Polish-speaking (mostly of Belarusian origin) nobility and landlords...

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Cardinal direction

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meaning 'White Sea': Mediterranean Sea in Turkish Balts, Baltic words containing the stem balt- ("white") White Ruthenia White Serbia White Croatia North:...

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Etymology of Belarus

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The name Belarus can be literally as White Ruthenia or Baltic Ruthenia. In Balto-Slavic culture, white (Belarusian: белы, romanized: biely, Lithuanian:...

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regions with canyon-like fluvial valleys. Podolia lies east of historic Red Ruthenia, i.e. the eastern half of Galicia, beyond the Seret River, a tributary...

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refer to: Ruthenia, a name applied to various East Slavic inhabited lands White Ruthenia, an East Slavic historical region Black Ruthenia, an East Slavic...

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Captive Nations

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Nations: Poland Hungary Lithuania Ukraine Czechoslovakia Latvia Estonia White Ruthenia (Belarus) Romania East Germany Bulgaria Mainland China Armenia Azerbaijan...

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White Ruthenians

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White Ruthenians may refer to: inhabitants of the historical region of White Ruthenia in general historical and exonymic term for Belarusians Ruthenia...

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Duchy of Moscow from other East Slavs such as people from White Ruthenia (Belarusians), Red Ruthenia (Ukrainians), and others). With time, the word became...

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conflated with its Latin forms Russia and Ruthenia, thus Belarus is often referred to as White Russia or White Ruthenia. The name first appeared in German and...

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List of historical regions of Central Europe

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West Prussia Rhineland Rhenish Hesse Ruthenia White Ruthenia or Belarus Black Ruthenia Carpathian Ruthenia Red Ruthenia Saxony Meissenland Osterland Pleissnerland...

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The Holocaust

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determine the precise number of Romani victims in Poland, Yugoslavia, White Ruthenia and Ukraine, the regions in which most are thought to have been killed...

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Slutsk massacre

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accordance with the instructions of the Führer. Commissioner General of White Ruthenia Wilhelm Kube wrote in protest to his superior and to Reichsführer-SS...

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included in (or was in the sphere of influence of) the Grand Duchy of Kyiv (Ruthenia) as early as the tenth century. At that time Princess Olga sent a punitive...

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German war crimes

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September – 17 October, Pleszczenice-Bischolin-Szack (Šacak)-Bobr-Uzda (White Ruthenia) massacre (1,126 children) 1942 26 March – 6 April, Operation Bamberg...

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List of Nazi Party leaders and officials

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Prussia from 1933 to 1936. He was the Generalkommissar for Weißruthenien (White Ruthenia) in the Reichskommissariat Ostland from 1941 until assassinated by partisans...

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Generalbezirk Weissruthenien

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Generalbezirk Weissruthenien (General District White Ruthenia) was one of the four administrative subdivisions of Reichskommissariat Ostland, the 1941–1945...

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King of Ruthenia

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King of Ruthenia, King of Rus', King of Galicia and Lodomeria, Land of Ruthenia Lord and Heir (Ukrainian: Король Русі, король Галичини і Володимирії,...

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