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White Russian Americans information

White Russian Americans may refer to:

  • Belarusian Americans
  • White émigrés, Russian subjects who emigrated for political reasons during the 20th century

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White Russian Americans

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century White Russian (disambiguation) Russian Americans This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title White Russian Americans. If an...

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Russian Americans

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Russian Americans (Russian: русские американцы, tr. russkiye amerikantsy, IPA: [ˈruskʲɪje ɐmʲɪrʲɪˈkant͡sɨ]) are Americans of full or partial Russian ancestry...

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White Americans

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White Americans (also referred to as European Americans) are Americans who identify as white people. This group constitutes the majority of the people...

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White movement

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The White movement (Russian: pre–1918 Бѣлое движеніе / post–1918 Белое движение, tr. Beloye dvizheniye, IPA: [ˈbʲɛləɪ dvʲɪˈʐenʲɪɪ]), also known as the...

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Belarusian Americans

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Belarusian Americans or White Russian Americans (Belarusian: Беларускія амэрыканцы, Biełaruskija amerykancy) are Americans who are of total or partial...

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White Hispanic and Latino Americans

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ancestral origins in Spain or Latin America (Hispanic and Latino Americans), and those who do not (non-Hispanic Americans). From 1850 to 1920, Mexicans in...

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Winter white dwarf hamster

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The winter white dwarf hamster (Phodopus sungorus), also known as the Russian dwarf hamster, Djungarian hamster, Dzungarian hamster, striped dwarf hamster...

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White Latin Americans

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White Latin Americans or European Latin Americans (sometimes Euro-Latinos) are Latin Americans of European descent. Direct descendants of European settlers...

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White Americans in California

Last Update:

White Californians are White Americans living in California who currently comprise 41.2% of the state's population according to the official 2020 census...

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Flag of Russia

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banned the traditional Russian tricolour, though it continued to be flown by the White Movement during the Russian Civil War. The Russian tricolour was unused...

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Congress of Russian Americans

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preserving Russian culture in the United States, protecting the rights of Russian-Americans, fighting Russophobia, and improving relations between Russians and...

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Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War

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Russia after the 1917 October Revolution. After the Armistice of 11 November 1918, the Allied plan changed to helping the White forces in the Russian...

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nation. People of European descent, or White Americans (also referred to as European Americans and Caucasian Americans), constitute the majority of the 331 million...

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European Americans

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Czech Americans, Estonian Americans, Hungarian Americans, Latvian Americans, Lithuanian Americans, Polish Americans, Russian Americans, Slovak Americans, and...

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Race and ethnicity in the United States

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Central and South America. There are a substantial number of White Americans who are of Eastern and Southern European descent, such as Russian, Polish, Italian...

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Russian Americans in New York City

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York City is home to the largest Russian or Russophone population in the Western Hemisphere. The largest Russian-American communities in New York City are...

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Timeline of Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections

Last Update:

Donald Trump and Russian officials. Seth Abramson estimated more than 400 people could be listed here.: 3  Aras Agalarov, Azerbaijani-Russian billionaire oligarch...

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List of white nationalist organizations

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Group Russian Imperial Movement Russian Imperial Union-Order Slavic Union National Socialism / White Power Great Russia (political party) Russian National...

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White supremacy

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menace toward white Americans, and lacking civilization or societal complexity (p. 74). For example, in the 19th century, black Americans were consistently...

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