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Western Fijian language information

Western Fijian
Native toFiji
Regionwestern half of Viti Levu, Yasawa Islands and Mamanuca Islands
Native speakers
(57,000 cited 1977)[1]
Language family
  • Malayo-Polynesian(MP)
    • Oceanic
      • Central Pacific
        • West Fijian – Rotuman
          • West Fijian
            • Western Fijian
Language codes
ISO 639-3wyy

Western Fijian, also known as Wayan[2]: 212  is an Oceanic language spoken in Fiji by about 57,000 people.

It is distinct from Eastern Fijian (also known as Bauan or Standard Fijian).

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  2. ^ Cite error: The named reference Blust was invoked but never defined (see the help page).

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Lutunasobasoba.) Say it in Fijian, An Entertaining Introduction to the Language of Fiji, by Albert James Schütz, 1972. Lonely: Planet Fijian Phrasebook, by Paul...

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