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Television and mass media in Vietnam

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(especially the HTV7 channel in Vinh Phuc used the M system in the period 2003–2005). Terrestrial analog television is no longer broadcast in Vietnam after...

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List of digital television stations in Vietnam

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socio-economic development level, radio transmission conditions and local frequency allocation capability. Each stage of television digitization will be done...

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List of television channels in Vietnam

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In addition to operating local radio and television stations, there are also district and provincial radio and television stations across the country. These...

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The Spirits of Love

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2014. The show was first broadcast in Vietnamese on Vinh Long Province’s Radio and Television Station, channel 1 (THVL1). The show was broadcast every...

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List of analog television stations in Vietnam

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sông cửu long | Xemtailieu". Retrieved 1 January 2022. "Thông Tin Kỹ Thuật Đài PTTH Vĩnh Long". ".:: – VinhLong TV ::". Archived...

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Love Above All

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"Doi Song Cho Dem" was broadcast on Vinh Long Television Station Channel (THVL) (Vietnamese: Truyền Hình Vĩnh Long) and is streamable on YouTube. The show...

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Battle of Ia Drang

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from this source, which is in the public domain. Vinh Loc, page 74 Vinh Loc, page 75 Vinh Loc, page 45 Vinh Loc, page 47 McChristian, page 44 Kinnard, page...

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Da 5 Bloods

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crossed them, Vinh suggests retreating to a nearby abandoned temple to defend themselves from reinforcements. Unwilling to trust Vinh, Paul takes his...

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South Vietnam

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of terror from Hanoi's land reform and resultant peasant uprising around Vinh in the North". Diệm held a referendum on 23 October 1955 to determine the...

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Media in the San Francisco Bay Area

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San Jose đình bản vĩnh viễn" [Daily newspaper Thời Báo of San Jose permanently ceases publication]. Saigon Broadcasting Television Network (in Vietnamese)...

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List of programmes broadcast by Hanoi Radio Television

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hạnh phúc JOYFM+ Quà tặng âm nhạc Hanoi Radio Television List of television programmes broadcast by Vinh Long TV (THVL) "Lịch phát sóng Kênh 2". Archived...

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Kieu Chinh

Last Update:

2, 2024. Thanh, Trúc (May 6, 2010). "Vinh danh nghệ sĩ Kiều Chinh với giải thưởng "In Pursuit of Liberty"". Radio Free Asia (in Vietnamese). Archived from...

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Vietnam will have another seven international airports by 2025, including Vinh International Airport, Phu Bai International Airport, Cam Ranh International...

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Thanh Lan

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Thái Thanh Lan was born on 1 March 1948 in Vinh town, Nghệ An, a province of the State of Vietnam (now Vinh city, Nghệ An province, Vietnam). Her saint's...

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List of the busiest airports in Vietnam

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2022 tại sân bay Vinh vượt cả năm 2021". Doanh nghiệp & Đầu tư. Retrieved 28 May 2023. "Hành khách qua Cảng hàng không quốc tế Vinh tăng gấp đôi trong...

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Unique Flavor

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"Thiên hạ đệ nhất vị" was broadcast on Vinh Long Television Station Channel (THVL) (Vietnamese: Truyền Hình Vĩnh Long) and is streamable on YouTube. The show...

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Religion in Vietnam

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Nhuế village in Hà Đông (Hanoi), and Đông Vệ village of Vĩnh Tường prefecture, Vĩnh Yên (Vĩnh Phú) province, worship the spirit who handles excrement...

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Ho Chi Minh City

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Vương High School Chu Văn An High School Trưng Vương High School Lương Thế Vinh High School Trần Khai Nguyên High School Ten Lơ Man High School Nguyễn Trãi...

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1968 in the Vietnam War

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it instead became the MRF reaction to eject VC forces from Mỹ Tho and Vĩnh Long. The operation resulted in 269 VC killed for the loss of 12 U.S. killed...

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38th National Television Festival

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documentaries. The Festival is organized by Vietnam Television in collaboration with Lâm Đồng Radio and Television Station (LTV). This is the first time LTV Lâm...

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Vietnam War

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commissar of the 203rd Tank Brigade.: 95–96  Minh was then escorted to Radio Saigon to announce the surrender declaration (spontaneously written by Tung)...

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