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University of Gondar
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The main gate of the University of Gondar
MottoDevoted to Excellence
PresidentAsrat Atsedeweyn
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Amhara Region

12°35′02″N 37°26′35″E / 12.584°N 37.443°E / 12.584; 37.443Coordinates: 12°35′02″N 37°26′35″E / 12.584°N 37.443°E / 12.584; 37.443
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University of Gondar is located in Ethiopia
University of Gondar
Location in Ethiopia

The University of Gondar, until 2003 known as the Gondar College of Medical Sciences, is the oldest medical school in Ethiopia. Established as the Public Health College in 1954, it is located in Gondar, in Amhara Region of Ethiopia. In 2010, the university offered 42 undergraduate and 17 postgraduate programs.

As of 2016, the university offers 56 undergraduate and 64 postgraduate. These are organized under the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, College of Business and Economics, College of Natural and Computational Sciences, College of Social Sciences and Humanities, and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Faculty of Agriculture, and three schools (School of Law, School of Technology and School of Education).[1] The current president of the university is Dr. Asrat Atsedeweyn.

  1. ^ Research and Community Services Core Process, University of Gondar website (accessed 3 March 2011)

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University of Gondar

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Tekle Giyorgis II

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north-east of Gondar on the highway between Gondar and Axum, and is in the Semien Gondar Zone of the Amhara Region. It has a latitude and longitude of 13°08′N...

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