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University of Gondar
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The main gate of the University of Gondar
MottoDevoted to Excellence
PresidentAsrat Atsedeweyn
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Amhara Region

12°35′02″N 37°26′35″E / 12.584°N 37.443°E / 12.584; 37.443Coordinates: 12°35′02″N 37°26′35″E / 12.584°N 37.443°E / 12.584; 37.443
ColoursBlue Yellow White
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University of Gondar is located in Ethiopia
University of Gondar
Location in Ethiopia

The University of Gondar, until 2003 known as the Gondar College of Medical Sciences, is the oldest medical school in Ethiopia. Established as the Public Health College in 1954, it is located in Gondar, in Amhara Region of Ethiopia. In 2010, the university offered 42 undergraduate and 17 postgraduate programs.

As of 2016, the University offers 56 undergraduate and 64 postgraduate. These are organized under the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, College of Business and Economics, College of Natural and Computational Sciences, College of Social Sciences and Humanities, and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Faculty of Agriculture, and three schools (School of Law, School of Technology and School of Education).[1] The current president of the University is Dr. Asrat Atsedeweyn.

  1. ^ Research and Community Services Core Process, University of Gondar website (accessed 3 March 2011)

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University of Gondar

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The University of Gondar, until 2003 known as the Gondar College of Medical Sciences, is the oldest medical school in Ethiopia. Established as the Public...

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North Gondar Zone of the Amhara Region, Gondar is north of Lake Tana on the Lesser Angereb River and southwest of the Simien Mountains. As of 2021[update]...

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is a list of universities and colleges in Ethiopia. It includes both public and private institutions. "List of Ethiopian Public Universities" (PDF). Archived...

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Amhara Region

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With the rise of the Solomonic Dynasty in 1270 under Emperor Yekuno Amlak (born in the Maqdalla region) and until the establishment of Gondar as the new...

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History of Gondar

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history of Gondar, a city in Amhara Region of Ethiopia, and previously served as the capital of the Ethiopian Empire from 1632 (at the beginning of Gondarine...

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Asrat Atsedeweyn

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currently serving as president of University of Gondar, Ethiopia. He was previously Academic Vice President of the University of Gondar. He also holds Government...

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History of Ethiopia

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of historical heritages in Gondar Zuria Woreda: from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century (MA). University of Gondar. p. 57–62. Marco Demichelis...

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Intestinal parasite infection

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(2013-01-01). "Prevalence of intestinal parasitic infections and risk factors among schoolchildren at the University of Gondar Community School, Northwest...

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List of hospitals in Ethiopia

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614672691652268; 37.451823901734116 (University of Gondar Hospital) In 2007, there were only two hospitals run by the Ministry of Public Health and private entities...

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Seble Wongel

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Nurhusien, Muhammed (2017). A survey of historical heritages in Gondar Zuria Woreda: from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century (MA). University of Gondar....

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Bati del Wambara

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Zuria Woreda: from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century (MA). University of Gondar. Doresse, Jean (1970). Histoire de l'Ethiopie. Que sais-je?. Vol...

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Shitaye Alemu

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Ethiopia. She is Professor of Internal Medicine in the College of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Gondar. Dr Shitaye Alemu began her...

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Higher education in Ethiopia

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International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions

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International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) is the leading international body representing the interests of people who rely on...

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Jenny McNulty

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to the University of Gondar in Ethiopia as a Fulbright Scholar, working with mathematicians there on curriculum design, mentoring a new group of female...

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Tekle Giyorgis II

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Ayichesh Tedla, was the daughter of Dejazmach Tedla Hailu, of the Gondar Solomonic line, heir of Lasta, and one of twelve Amhara nobles who were executed...

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Berhane Asfaw

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Asfaw (Amharic: በርሃነ አስፋው) (born August 22, 1954 in Gondar, Ethiopia) is an Ethiopian paleontologist of Rift Valley Research Service, who co-discovered human...

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north-east of Gondar on the highway between Gondar and Axum, and is in the Semien Gondar Zone of the Amhara Region. It has a latitude and longitude of 13°08′N...

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Solomon Getamun, History of the City of Gondar (Africa World Press, 2005), pp. 1-4 Getamun, City of Gondar, p. 5 There are many lists of these seven bridges;...

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List of pharmacy schools

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of Pharmacy Practice". Retrieved 11 February 2016. "University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health Sciences". Retrieved 11 February 2016. "University of...

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Amhara Province

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its administrative center at Gondar, and later the Amhara region would be formed with its capitol in Bahir Dar. The people of this region mainly practice...

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Mentewwab of Gondar and Ras Mika'el Sehul of Tegre," in Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. School of Oriental...

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"Gondar Period". Retrieved 5 June 2022. Pankhurst, Richard (1967). The Ethiopian Royal Chronicles. London: Oxford University Press...

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Kesetebirhan Admasu

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the University of Gondar College of Medical Sciences for both his Doctor of Medicine and Master of Public Health degrees. Dr Kesete is a champion of innovation...

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Sahle Dengel

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capital of Gondar in 1833, stated that at the time the Emperor "barely had the income of an averagely well-to-do Ethiopian, and the great princes of the Tigray...

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International Criminal Court Moot

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Centre for International Legal Studies of Leiden University, The Hague Campus, with the institutional support of the International Criminal Court and International...

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Taytu Betul

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governor of the Semien Province and ruler of the provinces; Tsegede, Weilkat, tigray and Eritrea. Taytu's mother, Yewibdar, was from Gondar. There are...

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Iyoas I

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could operate far from the capital city of Gondar, and relied on Waragna and her brothers to lead many of the military campaigns. The very first challenge...

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Zemene Mesafint

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figureheads confined to the capital city of Gondar. The most powerful lords during the Zemene Mesafint were Ras Mikael Sehul of Tigre and later Ras Ali I, Ras Aligaz...

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Kwame Pianim

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of part of Gondar Barracks, Burma Camp in an apparent abortive coup attempt. His attempts to contest the 1996 presidential elections on the ticket of...

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Solomonic dynasty

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at Gondar) ended its rule with the fall of the largely powerless Yohannes III in 1855 and the coming to power of Tewodros II, whose later claims of Solomonic...

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Horn of Africa

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including inside the court of Gondar which was capital of the empire. Founded by Ali I of Yejju several successive descendants of him and Abba Seru Gwangul...

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Falash Mura

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not considered under the Israeli Law of Return. Some have made it to Israel but many still reside in camps in Gondar and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, waiting...

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Ethiopian Empire

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capital of Gondar, marking the start of a new golden age known as the Gondarine period. It saw relative peace, the successful integration of the Oromo...

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border with Sudan. Located in the Semien Gondar Zone of the Amhara Region, Metemma has a latitude and longitude of 12°58′N 36°12′E / 12.967°N 36.200°E...

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Tewodros II

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in Abyssinia." Kassa Hailu was born in Qwara west of Gondar, his father was an Amhara nobleman of the Qwara district named Hailegiorgis Woldegiorgis...

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Fryat Yemane

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of Yemane Gebremeskel and her mother Sesen. Her parents used to reside in Gondar, where they lived due to work. Fryat was born and stayed in Gondar until...

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Gondarine period

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and a period of decentralization in 1769, known as the Zemene Mesafint. Gondar was founded by Emperor Fasilides in 1636 as a permanent capital, and became...

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Tekle Haymanot II

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capital city of Gondar for Tigray, and Susenyos II was made Emperor by rival warlords in Gondar, but regained it when Ras Mikael returned to Gondar on 23 December...

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north of Gondar in the Semien Mountains along the Gondar-Debarq highway Dabat it is in the Semien Gondar Zone of the Amhara Region, and is one of two towns...

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Hirut Kassaw

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"Best Tourism Minister" award. Hirut was born and raised in Kefoy, South Gondar, Ethiopia. She was born in the countryside, but as a child she had the opportunity...

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000-man Ansar army invaded Ethiopia, penetrating as far as Gondar. In March 1889, king Yohannes IV of Ethiopia marched on Metemma; however, after Yohannes fell...

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Mikael Sehul

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an army of 26,000 promising to mediate the dispute between the two queens and their followers. He took control of the capital city of Gondar and assumed...

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Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

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Archbishop of Gondar, a member of the Derg-era Ethiopian Parliament, was elected and enthroned as Abuna Merkorios. Following the fall of the Derg regime...

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Horse name

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1810–1819; Together with Mr Coffin's Account of his First Visit to Gondar. Vol. 2. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. p. 193. ISBN 9781107450585. Encyclopaedia...

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Haile Gerima

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used to play cowboys and Indians in the mountains around Gondar...We acted out the roles of these heroes, identifying with the cowboys conquering the...

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Welde Giyorgis Aboye

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Giyorgis later became the governor of Begemder. A few months before his death, he was elevated to Negus, (lit:King) of Gondar by Empress Zewditu in 1917, as...

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