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University of Asmara information

University of Asmara
PresidentTadesse Mehari (2004 - 2007)

15°20′33″N 38°55′39″E / 15.34250°N 38.92750°E / 15.34250; 38.92750
The faculty of Medicine in Asmara

The University of Asmara (UoA) was a public university in Asmara, Eritrea. The nation's first university, it was founded in 1958 by the "Piae Madres Nigritiae" (Comboni Sisters). The school was meant to provide for the local population, though its initial enrollment in the 1950s was entirely Italian.[2] Over the course of its history it has been reopened and reorganised following political changes. In 2006 it was closed[clarification needed] and reorganized into other institutions such as the Eritrea Institute of Technology.[3][1]

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  2. ^ "University of Asmara: A Brief History". 2005. Archived from the original on 29 September 2011. Retrieved 2006-09-02.
  3. ^ Rena, Ravinder (2007) "Challenges For Higher Education In Eritrea In The Post-Independent Period To The Present– A Case of Asmara University", Argentine: Working Paper No.14, pp.1-13 Published (on 2 August 2007) by the Argentine Center of International Studies. "Asmara University has been closed by September 2006. All the existing staff and students are assimilated with that of newly established Eritrea Institute of Technology and other related colleges. It assumed that the university will start again with post-graduate and research programmes in the country."

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