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Tsigereda is located in Ethiopia
Location within Ethiopia
Coordinates: 13°46′N 39°21′E / 13.767°N 39.350°E / 13.767; 39.350
CountryTsigereda Ethiopia
RegionTsigereda Tigray
ZoneMisraqawi (Eastern)
2,000 m (7,000 ft)
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)

Tsigereda (Tigrinya: ጽጌሬዳ) is the capital of Gere-alta woreda (up to 1993, and again starting 2020). Tsigereda means "rose" in the local Tigrinya language.

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Tsigereda (Tigrinya: ጽጌሬዳ) is the capital of Gere-alta woreda (up to 1993, and again starting 2020). Tsigereda means "rose" in the local Tigrinya language...

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Teddy Afro

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"Gud Serachign" "Tizibt" "Hagere" "Wub Aleme" "Lame Bora" "Qezebiye" "Tsigereda" Tarik Tesera Released: 2004 Record label: Evangadi Production Singles:...

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Radio in Ethiopia

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of Radio Ethiopia from 1974 to 2000" (PDF). 23 September 2022. Siyoum, Tsigereda (2019). History of Radio Ethiopia from 1974 to 2000 (Thesis thesis). Addis...

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Tembien Physical characteristics Source Gheralta  • location 8 km east of Tsigereda  • elevation 2,135 m (7,005 ft) Mouth Tsaliet River  • location between...

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its middle and lower course, between Addi Walka (Dogu’a Tembien) and Tsigereda (Kilte Awula’ilo) and Trekking routes have been established across and...

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Secondary city

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2009, World Bank: Washington. Lamson-Hall, Patrick; Shlomo Angel and Tsigereda Tafesse. 2022. Managing Migration and Urban Expansion in Secondary Cities:...

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Enderta Province

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Hentalo Wenberta – Maimekden Bora-Selewa – Dala Saharti – Gijet GereAlta – TsigeReda Waereb – Samre Wajerat – Debub Denkel, Zone two of Afar – Shekhet Salt...

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FC Haben

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Haile Ghirmazion — DF  ERI Semere — DF  ERI Zemichael Ogbe — DF  ERI Tsigereda Gebrehiwet — DF  ERI Tesfagabir Haile — MF  ERI Birhane Kidane — MF  ERI...

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Regional Administrators of Eritrea

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Northern Red Sea Region: Abdallah Mussa Administrator of the Southern Red Sea Region: Tsigereda Woldeghiergis Eritrea: Frozen and Reshuffled, Again v t e...

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Kilte Awulaelo

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by Atsbi Wenberta. Towns in the Kilte Awulaelo woreda include Agula, Tsigereda and Maimekden. Town of Wukro is surrounded by Kilte Awulaelo. Archeological...

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Addi Walka

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7–12 km south of the tabia. People have the choice to walk to Ala'isa or Tsigereda to find bus services to the towns. A rural access road (sometimes disused)...

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