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Tigrinya people from Eritrea
  • Tigrinya
(predominantly Eritrean Orthodox)
Related ethnic groups
Tigre • Tigrayans

The Tigrinya people (ትግርኛ, ብሄረ ትግርኛ təgrəñña), also known as Tigrigna, are a Semitic-speaking ethnic group native to Eritrea. They speak the Tigrinya language.[1][2] There also exists a sizable Tigrinya community in the diaspora.

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Tigrinya people

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The Tigrinya people (ትግርኛ, ብሄረ ትግርኛ təgrəñña), also known as Tigrigna, are a Semitic-speaking ethnic group native to Eritrea. They speak the Tigrinya language...

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Tigrayans (Tigrinya: ተጋሩ) are a Semitic-speaking ethnic group indigenous to the Tigray Region of northern Ethiopia. They speak the Tigrinya language, an...

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Tigrinya language

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in Eritrea and in northern Ethiopia's Tigray Region by the Tigrinya and Tigrayan peoples. It is also spoken by the global diaspora of these regions....

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Habesha peoples

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Habesha peoples (Ge'ez: ሐበሠተ, romanized: Ḥäbäśät or Ḥabäśät[1]; Amharic: ሐበሻ, አበሻ, romanized: Häbäša, 'äbäša; Tigrinya: ሓበሻ, romanized: Ḥabäša; etymologically...

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Tigrayan-Tigrinya people (disambiguation) Tigrayans, an ethnographic group in Ethiopia Tigrinya people, an ethnographic group in Eritrea Tigrinya language...

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Bilen people

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tend to reside in urban areas and have intermingled with the Tigrinya People (Biher-Tigrinya). Sunni Islam is followed by half of the Bilen, with the other...

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Tigre language

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Tigre people are not to be confused with their neighbors to the south, the Tigrinya people of Eritrea and the Tigrayans of Ethiopia, who speak Tigrinya. Tigrinya...

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Zaul people

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The Zaul (ዛውል, Zɐʿwəl [zaʕwəl]) are an Agaw people and Tigrinya people who inhabit the southern and central regions of Eritrea, in a territory known as...

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Languages of Eritrea

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The main languages spoken in Eritrea are Tigrinya, Tigre, Kunama, Bilen, Nara, Saho, Afar, Beja. Tigrinya, Arabic, English language and historically Italian...

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Tigrinya grammar

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instead of Ethiopic characters. This article describes the grammar of Tigrinya, a South Semitic language which is spoken primarily in Eritrea and Ethiopia...

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Tigre people

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Ethiopia and the Biher-Tigrinya who live in the central Eritrean highlands, both of which speak varying dialects of Tigrinya, a closely related Semitic...

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Harari people

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The Harari people (Harari: ጌይ ኡሱኣች Gēy Usuach, "People of the City") are Semitic-speaking ethnic group inhabiting the Horn of Africa. Members traditionally...

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widely spoken language being Tigrinya, the others being Tigre, Saho, Kunama, Nara, Afar, Beja, Bilen and Arabic. Tigrinya, Arabic, and English serve as...

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Argobba people

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Kingdom of Aksum's army moved south beyond Angot, encountering a nomadic people named Gebal in eastern Shewa, who are supposedly the precursors to Argobba...

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shoulder movement which it shares with the shim-shim dance of the Tigrinya people in neighboring Eritrea. The dance is characterized by rolling and bouncing...

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Horn of Africa

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Amharic, spoken by the Amhara people of Ethiopia, and Tigrinya spoken by the Tigrayan people Ethiopia and the Tigrinya people of Eritrea. Other Afroasiatic...

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Provinces of Eritrea

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kingdom of Tigrinya civilization consisting of Akeleguzay and bordering to (ምድረ ባሕሪ Madre Bahri) ruled by King of Kings in Shewa Ethiopia. The people of Akeleguzay...

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nomadic and pastoralist people, related to the Tigrinya and to the Beja people. They are a predominantly Muslim nomadic people who inhabit the northern...

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Tigrinya: ሰንዓፈ is a market town in southern Eritrea, on the edge of the Eritrean highlands ሶይራ. The surrounding area is inhabited by the Saho people and...

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Medri Bahri

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boxes, or other symbols instead of Ethiopic characters. Medri Bahri (Tigrinya: ምድሪ ባሕሪ, English: Land of the Sea Kingdom), also known as Mereb Melash...

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Religion in Eritrea

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not the case with the Tigray-Tigrinya people of Eritrea and Tigray Region in neighbouring Ethiopia (or with the Amhara people of Ethiopia). The ancient empire...

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Agaw people

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Afro-Asiatic family. Many also speak other languages such as Amharic, Tigrinya and/or Tigre. The Northern Agaw are known as Bilen, capital Keren The Western...

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03%); and all other ethnic groups made up only 0.39% of the population. Tigrinya is spoken as a major language by 97.14%, and 2.75% speak Amharic[citation...

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Culture of Ethiopia

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spoken by the Somali people; the latter includes Amharic, spoken by the Amhara people, and Tigrinya, spoken by the Tigray-Tigrinya people. Together, these...

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