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The Old Regime and the Revolution
Alexis de Tocqueville, L'Ancien Régime et la Révolution, Lévy, 1866

L'Ancien Régime et la Révolution (1856) is a work by the French historian Alexis de Tocqueville translated in English as either The Old Regime and the Revolution or The Old Regime and the French Revolution.

The book analyzes French society before the French Revolution, the so-called "Ancien Régime", and investigates the forces that caused the Revolution. It is one of the major early historical works on the French Revolution. In this book, de Tocqueville develops his main theory about the French revolution, the theory of continuity, in which he states that even though the French tried to dissociate themselves from the past and from the autocratic old regime, they eventually reverted to a powerful central government.

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The Old Regime and the Revolution

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Revolution or The Old Regime and the French Revolution. The book analyzes French society before the French Revolution, the so-called "Ancien Régime"...

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coup and thereafter began work on The Old Regime and the Revolution. Tocqueville argued the importance of the French Revolution was to continue the process...

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public identification and support. In order to effectively illustrate the differences between the new Republic and the old regime, the leaders needed to implement...

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262. Françoise Mélonio and François Furet, introduction to Alexis de Tocqueville, The Old Regime and the Revolution, Volume I: The Complete Text, University...

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on." The reform and revolution paradox was explained in his next book, The Old Regime and the Revolution (1856): "The regime that a revolution destroys...

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French Revolution

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underlying causes of the French Revolution are generally seen as arising from the failure of the Ancien Régime to manage social and economic inequality...

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Archives p.12 p.13 p.14 Alexis de Tocqueville (1856) The Old Regime and the Revolution quoted from Romeo and Juliet Debray, Regis. "Media Manifestos" (PDF)...

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extraconstitutional and/or violent fashion. Second, a narrow one, in which revolutions entail not only mass mobilization and regime change, but also more...

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members of the nobility, their ideas played an important part in undermining the legitimacy of the Old Regime and shaping the French Revolution. Francis...

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L. Revolutions without Borders (Yale UP, 2015). 392 pp. online review Potofsky, Allan. "Paris-on-the-Atlantic from the Old Regime to the Revolution." French...

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National Gendarmerie

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Maréchaussée ("Marshalcy") of the ancien regime. The Maréchaussée lasted from medieval times until the French Revolution. During the Middle Ages, there were...

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Régime, a term for the aristocratic system before the French Revolution. Old Order (Star Wars), the political system of the Old and New Republics and...

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The October Revolution, officially known as the Great October Socialist Revolution in the Soviet Union, also known as the Bolshevik Revolution, was a revolution...

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