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Tel Aviv University
אוניברסיטת תל אביב (Hebrew)
Tel Aviv university logo.svg
Mottoבעקבות הלא נודע (Hebrew)
Motto in English
Pursuing the Unknown
TypePublic research
Established1956; 67 years ago (1956)
PresidentAriel Porat[1]
RectorMark Shtaif
PrincipalMordechai Kohen
Vice Presidents
  • Raanan Rein
  • Yoav Henis
  • Amos Elad
Academic staff
Students26,570 (2019)[citation needed]
Undergraduates15,285 (2019)
Postgraduates11,098 (2019)
Doctoral students
2,143 (2019)
Tel Aviv

32°06′45″N 34°48′18″E / 32.11250°N 34.80500°E / 32.11250; 34.80500Coordinates: 32°06′45″N 34°48′18″E / 32.11250°N 34.80500°E / 32.11250; 34.80500
CampusUrban, 220 acres (89 ha)
Colors  Black
AffiliationsMediterranean Universities Union[citation needed]
Academic rankings

Tel Aviv University (TAU) (Hebrew: אוּנִיבֶרְסִיטַת תֵּל אָבִיב, Universitat Tel Aviv) is a public research university in Tel Aviv, Israel. With over 30,000 students, it is the largest university in the country. Located in northwest Tel Aviv, the university is the center of teaching and research of the city, comprising 9 faculties, 17 teaching hospitals, 18 performing arts centers, 27 schools, 106 departments, 340 research centers, and 400 laboratories.

Tel Aviv University originated in 1956 when three education units merged to form the university. The original 170-acre campus was expanded and now makes up 220 acres (89 hectares) in Tel Aviv's Ramat Aviv neighborhood.[6][7]

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University in Canada. He had dual appointments in the last positions with Tel Aviv University. He was married to Judith Buber Agassi – Martin Buber's granddaughter...

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ASA Tel Aviv WFC is a women's football club from Tel Aviv. The club is affiliated with Tel Aviv University and is part of the ASA Tel Aviv Sports Club...

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Institute of Archaeology vol. 22, Tel Aviv University, 2004, ISBN 9652660175 Wikimedia Commons has media related to Tel Lachish. First sentence ever written...

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The June 2016 Tel Aviv shooting, which occurred on 8 June 2016 in Tel Aviv, Israel, was a terrorist attack in which two Palestinian gunmen opened fire...

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graduate of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and holds an M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies and Literature from Tel Aviv University. He has a daughter, and...

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professor emeritus at Tel Aviv University and the head of the School of Archaeology and Maritime Cultures at the University of Haifa. Finkelstein is...

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