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Tartu Observatory

Main Building of the Tartu Observatory.
Alternative namesTartu Observatory of Tartu University Edit this at Wikidata
OrganizationTartu Observatory
Observatory code L75 Edit this on Wikidata
LocationTõravere, Estonia
Coordinates58°15′57″N 26°27′58″E / 58.26583°N 26.46611°E / 58.26583; 26.46611
Observing time100 nights per year Edit this on Wikidata
Established1810, 1964 (relocation)
AZT-121.5 m Cassegrain telescope
Zeiss 6000.6 m reflecting telescope
RAITS0.31 m reflecting telescope
Tartu Observatory is located in Estonia
Tartu Observatory
Location of Tartu Observatory
 Tartu Observatory Related media on Commons
The old observatory building in Tartu. 58°22′43.64″N 26°43′12.61″E / 58.3787889°N 26.7201694°E / 58.3787889; 26.7201694 (Tartu Old Observatory)

The Tartu Observatory (Estonian: Tartu Observatoorium) is the largest astronomical observatory in Estonia. On 1 January 2018, Tartu Observatory was joined again to the University of Tartu, and the observatory is now an institute of the university. It is located on the Tõravere hill, about 20 km south-west of Tartu in Nõo Parish, Tartu County. The old Tartu Observatory, located in Tartu city centre, is known internationally for its connection to Friedrich Georg Wilhelm von Struve and the Struve Geodetic Arc, of which it is the first reference point.[1][2][3]

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