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Dawaro or Doaro was a Muslim principality which laid alongside the Ifat Sultanate. The state was originally independent until becoming a vassal and later...

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Adal Sultanate

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The Adal Sultanate, or the Adal Empire or the ʿAdal or the Bar Saʿad dīn (alt. spelling Adel Sultanate, Adal Sultanate) (Arabic: عدال سلطنة) was a medieval...

Word Count : 7721

Sultanate of Aussa

Last Update:

The Sultanate of Aussa was a kingdom that existed in the Afar Region in eastern Ethiopia in the 18th and 20th centuries. It was considered to be the leading...

Word Count : 2020

List of Muslim states and dynasties

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Sultanate of Dawaro (915-1329) Ethiopia Harla Kingdom (501-1500) Sultanate of Showa (896–1285) Sultanate of Dawaro (915-1329) Sultanate of Bale (1200-1324)...

Word Count : 4912

List of kingdoms and royal dynasties

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Khedivate of Egypt Sultanate of Egypt Kingdom of Egypt Harla Kingdom Sultanate of Showa Sultanate of Dawaro Kingdom of Damot Zagwe dynasty Sultanate of Ifat...

Word Count : 1959

Ajuran Sultanate

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Horn of Africa that dominated the trade in the northern Indian ocean. They belonged to the Somali Muslim sultanate that ruled over large parts of the Horn...

Word Count : 4310

Sultanate of Hobyo

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The Sultanate of Hobyo (Somali: Saldanadda Hobyo, Arabic: سلطنة هوبيو), also known as the Sultanate of Obbia, was a 19th-century Somali Sultanate in present-day...

Word Count : 1383

Sultanate of Bale

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Ajuran Sultanate. Along with other sultanates, including Dawaro, Arababni, Hadiya, Shirka, and Dara, Bale became part of the so-called confederation of Zeila...

Word Count : 400

Majeerteen Sultanate

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Somali kingdom centered in the Horn of Africa. Ruled by Boqor Osman Mahamuud during its golden age, the sultanate controlled the areas which are now called...

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Highlands, but also from the lowlands to the east, which included the Sultanate of Dawaro and Bale. He also turned his attention to the numerous Ethiopians...

Word Count : 1607

Warsengali sultanate

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house centered in northeastern and in some parts of southeastern Somalia. The Warsangali Sultanate, also known as the Garaad Dynasty, was a Somali imperial...

Word Count : 949

Kingdom of Bazin

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including Bazin. Sultanate of Ifat Adal Sultanate Kingdom of Belgin Kingdom of Jarin Kingdom of Nagash Kingdom of Qita'a Kingdom of Tankish Elzein, Intisar...

Word Count : 171

Sultanate of the Geledi

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The Sultanate of the Geledi (Somali: Saldanadda Geledi, Arabic: سلطنة غلدي) also known as the Gobroon Dynasty was a Somali kingdom that ruled parts of the...

Word Count : 2705

Sultanate of Ifat

Last Update:

The Sultanate of Ifat, known as Wafāt or Awfāt in Arabic texts, was a medieval Sunni Muslim state in the eastern regions of the Horn of Africa between...

Word Count : 4160

Slavery in Ethiopia

Last Update:

and Pagan kingdoms and nations such as Sultanate of Showa, Sultanate of Ifat, Hadiya Sultanate, Damot, Dawaro the Agew and many more. In southern Ethiopia...

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mission of Aw Seid and the flourishing era of the Sultanate of Dawaro (i.e. both of them were phenomena of the same historical period, from the 13th century...

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Makhzumi dynasty

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The Makhzumi dynasty also known as Sultanate of Shewa or Shewa Sultanate, was a Muslim kingdom in present-day Ethiopia. Its capital Walale was situated...

Word Count : 1688

Sultanate of Mogadishu

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The Sultanate of Mogadishu (Somali: Saldanadda Muqdisho, Arabic: سلطنة مقديشو), also known as the Kingdom of Magadazo, was a medieval Somali sultanate centered...

Word Count : 3840

Isaaq Sultanate

Last Update:

Isaaq Sultanate (Somali: Saldanadda Isaaq, Wadaad: سَلْدَنَدْدَ إساقْ, Arabic: السلطنة الإسحاقية) was a Somali kingdom that ruled parts of the Horn of Africa...

Word Count : 3423

Tunni Sultanate

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The Tunni Sultanate (Somali: Saldanadda Tunni) was a Somali Muslim Sultanate located in southwestern Somalia, south of the Shabelle river. It was ruled...

Word Count : 684

Kingdom of Jarin

Last Update:

independent of the polity and were also under the protection of Egypt. Sultanate of Ifat Adal Sultanate Kingdom of Bazin Kingdom of Belgin Kingdom of Nagash...

Word Count : 419

Kingdom of Belgin

Last Update:

Aswan and Massawa. Sultanate of Ifat Adal Sultanate Kingdom of Bazin Kingdom of Jarin Kingdom of Nagash Kingdom of Qita'a Kingdom of Tankish Elzein, Intisar...

Word Count : 90

Medieval Arab attitudes to Black people

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number of African polities becoming Muslim, such as the Sultanate of Dawaro, Fatagar, Hadiya Sultanate and Bale Province, Ethiopia; this region was referred...

Word Count : 2208

Ethiopia in the Middle Ages

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conquered the Kingdom of Damot, the Hadiya Sultanate, Gojjam, Fatagar, the Sultanate of Dawaro, the Sultanate of Bale, and the Sultanate of Ifat. By the early...

Word Count : 4979

Sultanate of Arababni

Last Update:

The Sultanate of Arababni (also known as Arbabni or Arabini) was a small Muslim sultanate located in what is now the Arsi Zone of Ethiopia. Founded around...

Word Count : 189

Horn of Africa

Last Update:

Adal Sultanate, the Ajuran Sultanate, the Zagwe dynasty, and the Sultanate of the Geledi. The Sultanate of Showa, established in 896, was one of the oldest...

Word Count : 8144

Habr Yunis Sultanate

Last Update:

The Habr Yunis Sultanate (Somali: Saldanadda Habar Yoonis, Arabic: سلطنة هبر يونس) was a Somali kingdom that ruled parts of the Horn of Africa during the...

Word Count : 2679

Sultanate of Dahlak

Last Update:

The Sultanate of Dahlak was a small medieval kingdom covering the Dahlak Archipelago and parts of the Eritrean coast. First attested in 1093, it quickly...

Word Count : 1000

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