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Suwu (Isubu)
Joseph Merrick at an Isubu funeral in Cameroon, 1845.
Total population
800 (1982)[1]
Regions with significant populations
Subu people Cameroon
Suwu, Duala, Malimba, Mokpwe, Wumboko
Predominantly Christianity, African Traditional Religion
Related ethnic groups
Bakole, Bakweri, Bamboko, Duala, Limba, Mungo, Wovea

The Subu (Isubu, Isuwu, Bimbians) are a Bantu ethnic group who inhabit part of the coast of Cameroon. Along with other coastal peoples, they belong to Cameroon's Sawa ethnic groups. They were one of the earliest Cameroonian peoples to make contact with Europeans, and over two centuries, they became influential traders and middlemen. Under the kings William I of Bimbia and Young King William, the Isubu formed a state called Bimbia.

  1. ^ This is the number of Isu speakers as reported in Ethnologue. Most Isubu speak Mokpwe or Duala, so this number is misleading.

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