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The name South Jutland can refer to various different areas of the peninsula of Jutland in Denmark:

  • Sydjylland – a loose designation for the southern part of the traditional region of Northern Jutland (Danish: Nørrejylland)
  • Southern Jutland (Danish: Sønderjylland; German: Südjütland), the area south of Northern Jutland, once equivalent to the Duchy of Schleswig, later (after 1920) the northern part of the old Duchy of Schleswig, then nearly conterminous with the now defunct South Jutland County
  • Syd- og Sønderjylland – a collective name for both the above
  • The mainland part of the Region of Southern Denmark, as in the electoral district of Sydjylland, i.e. roughly the same as Syd- og Sønderjylland but with a definite boundary
  • Duchy of Schleswig, a historic duchy once part of the Kingdom of Denmark, now divided between Germany and Denmark
  • South Jutland County, a former administrative region

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the south. Geographically and historically, Jutland comprises the regions of South Jutland (historically also Slesvig), West Jutland, East Jutland (including...

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South Jutland

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The name South Jutland can refer to various different areas of the peninsula of Jutland in Denmark: Sydjylland – a loose designation for the southern part...

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South Jutland County

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South Jutland County (Danish: Sønderjyllands Amt) is a former county (Danish: amt) on the south-central portion of the Jutland Peninsula in southern Denmark...

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Southern Jutland

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Southern Jutland (Danish: Sønderjylland; German: Südjütland) is the name for the region south of the Kongeå in Jutland, Denmark and north of the Eider...

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Horik II

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Horik. As it turned out the young king had to give up his lands in South Jutland between the Eider River and the North Sea. This may have included Hedeby...

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Battle of Jutland

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The Battle of Jutland (German: Skagerrakschlacht, the Battle of Skagerrak) was a naval battle fought between Britain's Royal Navy Grand Fleet, under Admiral...

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Ingeborg of Kiev

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was a Ruthenian princess, married to the Danish prince Canute Lavard of Jutland. She was the daughter of Grand Prince Mstislav I of Kiev and Christina...

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of Sweden, south of Norway, and north of Germany. Spanning a total area of 42,943 km2 (16,580 sq mi), it consists of the peninsula of Jutland and an archipelago...

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List of historic houses in Denmark

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This is a list of historic houses in Denmark...

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Northern Jutland

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Northern Jutland (Danish: Nørrejylland) is a historical region in Denmark, defined as Jutland north of the Kongeå (with the region south of the Kongeå...

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Olof the Brash

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dynasty has led to the conclusion that the kings ruled from Hedeby in South Jutland, one of the most important commercial centers in Viking Age Scandinavia...

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Prince Joachim of Denmark

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from 2011 He was liaison officer at the Defence Region of Fuen and South Jutland. In 2015, Joachim was appointed special advisor to the Chief of Defense...

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Central Denmark Region

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Midtjylland), or more directly translated as the Central Jutland Region and sometimes simply Mid Jutland, is an administrative region of Denmark established...

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Monarchy of Denmark

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Schleswig-Holsteiners wanted an independent state while the Danes wished to maintain South Jutland as a Danish area. Frederick VII soon yielded to the Danish demands,...

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Provinces of Denmark

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for comparisons with other cities of similar size. Occasionally the East Jutland province, with around 850,000 inhabitants in 5,841 square kilometres, is...

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Ole Kirk Christiansen

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Mark, Filskov, South Jutland, Denmark, which is 20 km northwest of Billund. He was the tenth child of an impoverished family in Jutland. His parents were...

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Borders of Denmark

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the current German-Danish border. Reunification between Denmark and South Jutland (North Schleswig) was signed into Danish law effective 9 July 1920....

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Telephone numbers in Denmark

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Southern Jutland 041 Public Paging Service (PPP) approx. 1975 to 1989. 042 Faroe Islands 05 South Jutland 06 East Jutland 07 West Jutland 08 North Jutland 09...

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Sigfred and Halfdan

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the Eider river, though no such meeting is recorded. This shows that South Jutland was part of their kingdom. For chronological reasons Sigfred and Halfdan...

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Frederick VII of Denmark

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Schleswig-Holsteiners wanted an independent state while the Danes wished to maintain South Jutland as a Danish area. The king soon yielded to the Danish demands, and in...

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Old Frisian

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of the Rhine and Weser rivers. The Frisian settlers on the coast of South Jutland (today's Northern Friesland) also spoke Old Frisian, but there are no...

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Eric of Pomerania

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conflict with the Counts of Schauenburg and Holstein. He tried to regain South Jutland (Schleswig) which Queen Margaret had been winning, but he chose a policy...

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Southern Schleswig

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Schleswig in Germany on the Jutland Peninsula. The geographical area today covers the large area between the Eider river in the south and the Flensburg Fjord...

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List of tourist attractions in Denmark

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Amusement park Copenhagen 2,500,000 3 Legoland Amusement park Billund, South Jutland 1,700,000 4 Copenhagen Zoo Zoo Copenhagen 1,433,368 5 Blue Planet Aquarium...

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Region of Southern Denmark

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southernmost). It consists of the former counties of Funen, Ribe and South Jutland, adding ten municipalities from the former Vejle County. The territories...

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1920 Schleswig plebiscites

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1920, and the territory was officially named the South Jutlandic districts, more commonly Southern Jutland, although the latter name is also the historiographical...

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Jutlandic dialect

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pronounced [ˈjysk]), is the western variety of Danish, spoken on the peninsula of Jutland in Denmark. Generally, Jutlandic can be divided into two different dialects:...

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Fredensborg Palace

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Søgård Skovsbo South Jutland Augustenborg Engelsholm Gråsten Haderslevhus Nordborg Sandbjerg Schackenborg Sønderborg Castle Central Jutland Bygholm Clausholm...

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needed] Through the early 1970s, Sydbank had only 50 branches — all in south Jutland — until 1976 when it opened its first branch across the Kongeå River...

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Coat of arms of Schleswig

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The coat of arms of Schleswig or Southern Jutland (Danish: Sønderjylland or Slesvig ) depicts two blue lions in a golden shield. It is the heraldic symbol...

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Aabenraa County

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east-central region of Southern Jutland. Aabenraa County was established in 1920 following the reunification of Denmark and South Jutland following the Schleswig...

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Christian X of Denmark

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determined by two plebiscites: one in Northern Schleswig (Denmark's South Jutland County 1971–2006), the other in Central Schleswig (today part of the...

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Angles inhabited the Continental European coast from the Zuyder Zee to south Jutland. All of these peoples shared a common material culture, and so cannot...

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Results of the 2007 Danish general election

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2007 Danish parliamentary election: East Jutland Party Votes % +/- Seats +/ – Social Democrats (Socialdemokraterne) (A) 127,432 27.6% -1.0% 6 ±0 Liberals...

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Skamlingsbanken is a large hill located in Vejstrup Parish, Jutland, Denmark, between Kolding and Christiansfeld. With a peak rising to 113 metres (371 ft)...

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of German town of Flensburg. It was the seat of Sønderjyllands Amt (South Jutland County) until 1 January 2007, when the Region of Southern Denmark was...

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Traditional districts of Denmark

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Lolland-Falster or Smålandene Lolland Falster Funen South Funen Archipelago Langeland Tåsinge Ærø Jutland South Jutland Vestslesvig Als Sundeved Tørninglen Angel...

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Ingrid of Sweden

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Ingrids fond til humanitære og kulturelle formål, Ingridfondet for South Jutland, Det kgl. Grønlandsfond, and Dronning Ingrids Romerske Fond til støtte...

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Sofie Kirk Kristiansen

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Kristiansen owns a large hunting lodge between Holsted and Hovborg in South Jutland. She is also a close friend of Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince...

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Denmark in World War II

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Jütlands ("the Northern tip of Jutland") and replaced them with Dä, a German abbreviation for Denmark. Although the Danish territory of South Jutland...

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Danish Realm

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Greenland. German is recognised as a protected minority language in the South Jutland area of Denmark. In the Faroe Islands, the currency has a separate design...

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