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Son Ngoc Minh
Sơn Ngọc Minh
សឺង ង៉ុកមិញ
Trà Vinh, Cochinchina, French Indochina (now Vietnam)
Died22 December 1972(1972-12-22) (aged 51–52)
Beijing, China
Other namesAchar Mean
Phạm Văn Hua
  • Cambodia
  • Vietnam
Known forCo-founding the Kampuchean People's Revolutionary Party
Political party
  • Communist Party of Kampuchea
  • Kampuchean People's Revolutionary Party

Son Ngoc Minh (Vietnamese: Sơn Ngọc Minh, Khmer: សឺន ង៉ុកមិញ; 1920 – 22 December 1972), also known as Achar Mean (អាចារ្យមាន), was a Cambodian communist politician and co-founder of the Kampuchean People's Revolutionary Party (KPRP), the predecessor to the Communist Party of Kampuchea.

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Son Ngoc Minh

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Son Ngoc Minh (Vietnamese: Sơn Ngọc Minh, Khmer: សឺន ង៉ុកមិញ; 1920 – 22 December 1972), also known as Achar Mean (អាចារ្យមាន), was a Cambodian communist...

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Khmer Issarak

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members later established right-wing and left-wing bands, including Son Ngoc Minh, Sieu Heng and Tou Samouth. These guerrillas formed a government in...

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United Issarak Front

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conference elected a National Central Executive committee headed by Son Ngoc Minh. Other committee members were Chan Samay (deputy), Sieu Heng (secretary)...

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Communist Party of Kampuchea

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claim different dates for the party's founding and first congress. Son Ngoc Minh was appointed as acting chairman of the party. The party congress did...

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Tou Samouth

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the Kampuchean People's Revolutionary Party (KPRP), the other being Son Ngoc Minh, and head of its more moderate faction. He is mainly remembered for...

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Viet Minh

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Conference. Khmer Issarak and United Issarak Front were under leadership of Son Ngoc Minh, Tou Samouth, Sieu Heng, etc. It was a derogatory term used by Norodom...

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Khmer Rouge

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convened, and the United Issarak Front was established. Its leader was Son Ngoc Minh, and a third of its leadership consisted of members of the ICP. According...

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Hari Won

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Ho Chi Minh City. Hương Đêm Bay Xa Hoa Tuyết - Snow Flower Bụi Phấn Bài Ca Thịt Nướng Jingle Bells Aloha Mùa Xuân Trở Về (feat. Sơn Ngọc Minh) Love You...

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List of Cambodians

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Sinn Sisamouth Gen. Sak Sutsakhan Sok Sreymom Somaly Mam Son Ngoc Minh Son Ngoc Thanh Son Sann Son Sen Sosthène Fernandez Soth Polin Ta Mok Teng Bunma Tep...

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Son Ngoc Thanh

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may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of Khmer script. Sơn Ngọc Thành (Khmer: សឺង ង៉ុកថាញ់; 7 December 1908 – 8 August 1977) was a Cambodian...

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First Indochina War

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France and Việt Minh (Democratic Republic of Vietnam), and their respective allies, from 19 December 1946 until 20 July 1954. Việt Minh was led by Võ Nguyên...

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MerryLand Quy Nhon Binh Dinh FC

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the Binh Dinh Youth Team, adding players such as: Duong Ngoc Hung, Nguyen Ngoc Thien, Tran Minh Canh... and participating in the A1 national football tournament...

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Ho Chi Minh City

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Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC, Vietnamese: Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh), commonly known as Saigon (Vietnamese: Sài Gòn), is the most populous city in Vietnam, with...

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Dong Son drum

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the Cao Sơn Temple. Ngoc Lu drum was found in 1893 in Hà Nam Province. Đông Sơn drums along with bronzewares were excavated in 1924 in Đông Sơn village...

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Khmer Krom

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Kampuchea Son Ngoc Minh, co-founder of the Communist Party of Kampuchea Son Ngoc Thanh, Prime Minister of Cambodia (1945) and the Khmer Republic (1972) Son Sen...

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Vietnamese folk religion

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Emperor (Ngọc Hoàng Thượng Đế) and the Queen Mother of the West (Tây Vương Mẫu). Symbolic, liturgical and theological features of the Minh Đạo sects...

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Hem Chieu

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in Cambodian politics, such as later Communist activists Achar Mean (Son Ngoc Minh) and Achar Sok (Tou Samouth) were present. The demonstration was broken...

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Tran Minh Tiet

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p. 2, in Donnell and Joiner (1974). Tran Ngoc Chau (2012), p. 357. Apparently, Trần Minh Tiết and Trần Ngọc Châu are not related. Goodman (1973), pp....

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Ho Chi Minh

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Madam Xoan. She established on 1 January 2001 the Đạo Ngọc Phật Hồ Chí Minh (the Way of Hồ Chí Minh as the Jade Buddha), also known as Đạo Bác Hồ (the Way...

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the Viet Minh, who now agreed to withdraw their units from Cambodia: a large number of Khmer leftists, led by veteran Issarak Son Ngoc Minh, departed...

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