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devices to store data files but this has to be manually activated. If an iPod is formatted on a Mac OS computer, it uses the HFS+ file system format, which...

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SRT, its performance automobile division. The division also distributes Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Maserati vehicles in North America. The original Chrysler...

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files in both file systems and archives such as ZIP files and TAR balls. The following examples inspects files in a ZIP archive. listFiles '*' in 'awebapp...

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Career Structure". European University Institute. Retrieved 7 April 2010. " – Universitetų reforma – "darbas ant durniaus"". 13 January 2018. Archived...

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Online banking

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being infected by malware by default and therefore use security processes where the user can cross-check the transaction data against manipulations like...

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Home. On the NAV3 and NAV4 models the IQ Routes feature is available by default on all map versions. TomTom worked with auto parts manufacturer Bosch,...

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Monaco Grand Prix

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original on 28 May 2009. Retrieved 11 August 2009.

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The Gambia

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Bahamas and The Gambia, should officially be referred to with the article. Alfa Shaban, Abdur Rahman (19 January 2017). "Why Africa's 'smiling coast' is...

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Toki Pona

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at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, 19–20 May 2017. Алфа БК универзитет (Alfa BK univerzitet): 16. ISBN 978-86-6461-023-0 – via ResearchGate. "toki pona"...

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Car Allowance Rebate System

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found "no evidence of an effect on employment, house prices, or household default rates in cities with higher exposure to the program." Conversely, a separate...

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based in the city include Hayat TV, O Kanal, OBN, TV Kantona Sarajevo and TV Alfa. The headquarters of Al Jazeera Balkans is also in Sarajevo, with a broadcasting...

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Siege of Sarajevo

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2010. "A City that Doesn't Forget: Sarajevo Thirty Years after the War". Default. Retrieved 13 December 2022. "ICTY: Stanislav Galić judgement and opinion"...

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Overview of gun laws by nation

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(2007). La peste militar: escritos polémicos 1992-2007 (in Spanish). Caracas: Alfa. p. 180. ISBN 9789803542344. "Venezuela bans private gun ownership". 1 June...

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International sanctions during the Russian invasion of Ukraine

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sanctioned oligarch Igor Sechin. Two yachts belonging to Alexei Kuzmichev of Alfa Bank were seized by France on 24 March. Germany On 2 March 2022, German authorities...

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Margarita (2016). El ocaso del chavismo: Venezuela 2005-2015. Editorial Alfa. pp. 349–351. ISBN 9788417014254. "Venezuela Inc., up in smoke". Globe and...

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Topical timeline of Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections

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of data off of the servers.: 49–50  September 21: The New York Times delivers potential evidence of communications with Trump's domain with Alfa-Bank...

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