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Sibut is located in Central African Republic
Location in Central African Republic
Coordinates: 5°44′16″N 19°05′12″E / 5.73778°N 19.08667°E / 5.73778; 19.08667
CountryCentral African Republic
400 m (1,300 ft)
 • Total24,527

Sibut (French pronunciation: [siby(t)]),[citation needed] formerly Fort Sibut (French: Fort-Sibut) is the capital of Kémo, one of the 16 prefectures of the Central African Republic. An important transport hub, it is situated 188 km (117 mi) north of the capital Bangui and is known for its market.

Sibut is located at the Northern end of the paved road coming from the capital, Bangui. At Sibut, two major provincial roads split, one going North to Kaga Bandoro, and the other east towards Bomimi, a thriving agricultural village of 450 people, 12 km (7.5 mi) from Sibut.

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Sibut (French pronunciation: [siby(t)]),[citation needed] formerly Fort Sibut (French: Fort-Sibut) is the capital of Kémo, one of the 16 prefectures of...

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2016 escape from Bangui

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the clashes. The convoy forced its way through and continued along the Sibut-Dékoa road. At the Guerengou checkpoint, between Bangui and Damara, Hissène...

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Kampong Sibut

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Kampong Sibut (Malay: Kampung Sibut) or simply known as Sibut, is a village in Temburong District, Brunei, about 13 kilometres (8.1 mi) from the district...

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Sibut Airport

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Sibut Airport (ICAO: FEFU) is an airstrip serving Sibut, a city in the Kémo prefecture of the Central African Republic. The airstrip is 2 kilometres (1...

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List of cities in the Central African Republic

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Kouango Mbaïki Mobaye Mongoumba N'Délé Nola Obo Ouadda Ouango Paoua Rafaï Sibut Sikkikede Zinga "List of all town's in Central African Republic with Latitude...

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Francisco Luiz Sibut Gomide

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Francisco Luiz Sibut Gomide (born 30 November 1945 in Curitiba) is an engineer, economist and politician. He was Minister of Mines and Energy of Brazil...

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Othman Uking

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Assembly (AIPA) conferences held overseas. According to Othman in 2013, Sibut (Dacryodes patentinervia) trees are located in forest reserves in the Brunei-Muara...

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Central African Republic

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771 11 Kaga-Bandoro Nana-Grébizi 24,661 2 Bimbo Ombella-M'Poko 124,176 12 Sibut Kémo 22,419 3 Berbérati Mambéré-Kadéï 76,918 13 Mbaïki Lobaye 22,166 4 Carnot...

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Delignat-Lavaud, Anitha; Fournet, Gollamudi; Schneier, Bruce; Rastogi, Nadim; Sibut-Pinote, Aseem; Rastogi1, Thomas; Swamy, Nikhil; Zanella-Beguelin, Santiago...

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Dilma Rousseff

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June 2005 President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva Preceded by Francisco Luiz Sibut Gomide Succeeded by Silas Rondeau Secretary of Mines, Energy and Communications...

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against his autocratic rule and entered the city. After capturing Bria, Sibut, and other important towns, they were on the verge of capturing Damara,...

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Central African Republic Civil War

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name Alliance CPSK-CPJP, took responsibility for attacks on the towns of Sibut, Damara and Dekoa, killing two members of the army. It claimed that it had...

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Transport in the Central African Republic

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Berbérati to Gamboula on the border with Cameroon. RN8 north-east from RN2 at Sibut, 023 km via Kaga Bandoro, Ndéle, and Birao to the Sudanese border. RN10...

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Novaya Gazeta

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Rastorguyev, and Orkhan Dzhemal, were killed in an ambush outside the town of Sibut in the Central African Republic. They were engaged in investigations of...

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Convention of Patriots for Justice and Peace

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of "Fundamental CPJP". On September 15 the group attacked the towns of Sibut, Damara and Dekoa, which was the beginning of the 2012 Central African Republic...

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Dacryodes patentinervia

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Burseraceae. It is endemic to Borneo, whereby it is known locally as sabal, sibut or seladah. The species was mistakenly identified as Dacryodes expansa....

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List of places named after people

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killed in combat against Rabih az-Zubayr at Kouno the year before Sibut – Adolphe Pierre Sibut Faya-Largeau – French Colonel, Étienne Largeau (1867–1916) Former:...

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List of warlords in the Central African Republic

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FPRC general. Killed on 10 or 11 October 2015 by international forces in Sibut. Bashar Fadoul - FPRC General. Arrested in late March 2019 by the Sudanese...

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Dimitri Ayoloma

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Anti-balaka fighter. On 17 May 2020 MINUSCA announced operation in Kouango-Sibut-Grimari triangle to stop abuses committed by Ayoloma's group. Between 3...

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Anne Brochard

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only a few months of activity, in July 1868 went bankrupt. A certain Mr. Sibut, who rented her an apartment, threw her into the street, while keeping her...

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Wagner Group activities in Africa

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investigate local Wagner activities. The ambush took place 23 kilometers from Sibut when armed men emerged from the bush and opened fire on their vehicle. The...

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Gounda Airport

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Bossangoa Bouar Bouca Bozoum Bria Carnot Gamboula Gordil Kaga Bandoro Kembé Mobaye N'Délé M'Boki Obo Ouadda Ouanda Djallé Paoua Rafaï Sibut Yalinga Zemio...

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