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Sharqia Governorate information

Sharqiyya Governorate
Flag of Sharqiyya Governorate
Official logo of Sharqiyya Governorate
Sharqia Governorate on the map of Egypt
Sharqia Governorate on the map of Egypt
Coordinates: 30°42′N 31°38′E / 30.7°N 31.63°E / 30.7; 31.63
CountrySharqia Governorate Egypt
SeatZagazig (capital)
 • GovernorMamdouh Mustafa El-Sayed Ahmed Gharab[1]
 • Total4,180 km2 (1,610 sq mi)
 (January 2023)[2]
 • Total7,859,068
 • Density1,900/km2 (4,900/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
HDI (2021)0.73[3]
high · 14th

Sharqia Governorate (Arabic: محافظة الشرقية Muḥāfẓet Esh Sharʔeya, Egyptian Arabic pronunciation: [eʃ.ʃæɾˈʔejjæ], rural: [eʃ.ʃæɾˈɡejje]) is the 3rd most populous of the governorates of Egypt. Located in the northern part of the country, its capital is the city of Zagazig.

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is a yachting harbour, and Abu Qir Port at the northern east of the governorate. It is a commercial port for general cargo and phosphates.[citation needed]...

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