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Sheikh al-Mashāʾikh Makhdūm

Jalāl Mujarrad Kunyāʾī
Grave of Shah Jalal.jpg
Shah Jalal's grave in the Shah Jalal Dargah, Sylhet
Born(1271-05-25)25 May 1271
Disputed, see below
Died15 March 1346(1346-03-15) (aged 74)
Sylhet (now in Bangladesh)
Resting placeShah Jalal Dargah
ReligionSunni Islam
  • Sayyid Mahmud ibn Muhammad ibn Ibrahim (father)
  • Sayyidah Haseenah Fatimah (mother)
Other namesShah Jalal
RelativesJalaluddin Surkh-Posh Bukhari (maternal grandfather)
Senior posting
Based inJalalabad
PredecessorSyed Ahmed Kabir Suhrawardi
SuccessorShaykh Sayyid Farhan bin Muhammad Al-Hadhrami Al-Yemeni Shah Paran
PostSufi saint, religious leader and mystic

Jalāl Mujarrad Kunyāʾī (شيخ جلال مجرد كنيائي),[1] popularly known as Shah Jalal, was a celebrated Sufi figure of Bengal. His name is often associated with the Conquest of Sylhet and the spread of Islam into the region, part of a long history of interactions between the Middle East, Turkestan, and South Asia.[2] Various complexes and religious places have been named after him, including the largest airport in Bangladesh, Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport.

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  2. ^ Ahmed, Shamsuddin, Inscription of Bengal, vol. iv, Dhaka (1960), p 25

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