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Provinces of Eritrea

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called Akele Guzay, Barka, Denkalia, Hamasien, Sahel, Semhar, Senhit and Serae. These administrative regions relied heavily upon the historical political...

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Seraing (French pronunciation: [səʁɛ̃] (listen); Walloon: Serè) is a city and municipality of Wallonia located in the province of Liège, Belgium. The...

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Diodora serae

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Diodora serae is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Fissurellidae, the keyhole limpets and slit limpets. Espinosa J. & J...

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Marius Mouandilmadji

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professional footballer who plays as a forward for Belgian Pro League club Seraing and the Chad national team. On 17 July 2018, Mouandilmadji signed a four-year...

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Georges Mikautadze

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players to join Belgian First Division B side Seraing on loan. After his first nine matches with Seraing, he had scored 15 times, including four on his...

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Challenger Pro League

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Lierse K. Lommel Oostende Patro Eisden RFC Liège RSCA Futures SL16 FC Seraing Zulte Waregem Proximus broadcast every game whilst it sponsored the league...

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Gheralta Hamasien Haramat Lasta Mai-Tsade Tembien Tigray Tselemt Salowa Semada Serae Shewa (Efrata, Geshe) Shire Wag Kingdom of Beta Israel Dembiya Gafat Gojjam...

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Medri Bahri

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into three main provinces, namely Akele Guzai, Hamassien and Serae. Of these three, Serae was the most politically important district, as the most influential...

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Roger Lukaku

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and Lukaku moved to RFC Seraing. With RFC Seraing he finished 3rd in the Belgian First Division. He stayed with RFC Seraing for two seasons before moving...

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municipality consists of the following districts: Bodegnée, Chapon-Seraing, Seraing-le-Château and Verlaine. List of protected heritage sites in Verlaine...

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Tigray Region

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Mereb, under the authority of the Bahre Negash, based in the district of Serae.: 259  The Book of Aksum, likely written and compiled before the 15th century...

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With its capital at Debarwa, the state's main provinces were Hamasien, Serae, and Akele Guzai. By 1517, the Ottomans had succeeded in conquering Medri...

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Industrial Revolution

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leader was a transplanted Englishman John Cockerill. His factories at Seraing integrated all stages of production, from engineering to the supply of...

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Semitic languages

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Ethiopia and in the highland part of Eritrea (the provinces of Akkele Guzay, Serae and Hamasien, where the capital of the state, Asmara, is situated). Outside...

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Kaoru Mitoma

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on 16 October, where he scored a hat-trick in a 4–2 home victory over Seraing. On 13 August 2022, Mitoma made his Premier League debut for Brighton,...

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Horn of Africa

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Gheralta Hamasien Haramat Lasta Mai-Tsade Tembien Tigray Tselemt Salowa Semada Serae Shewa (Efrata, Geshe) Shire Wag Kingdom of Beta Israel Dembiya Gafat Gojjam...

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Simon Dia

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hometown club of Saint-Quentin, after rejecting an offer from Belgian club Seraing. Dia is the son of Ali Dia. "Simon Dia". Retrieved 11...

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FC Metz

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Player — GK  FRA Guillaume Dietsch (on loan to Seraing) — MF  BEL Sami Lahssaini (on loan to Seraing) — MF  CGO Warren Tchimbembé (on loan to Guingamp)...

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