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Semien Province
Map of the provinces of Ethiopia before 1935. (Derived from Perham, Margery (1969):The Government of Ethiopia)

Semien Province (Amharic: ሰሜን, “North”) was a historical province of northwest Ethiopia, often called Gondar. It was located south and west of the Tekezé River, and north of Lake Tsana. It was south of Tigray Province, west of Tembien Province, and east of the Sudan. To some extent it covered the northern parts of the former Begemder and Wolkait now known as the Semien Gondar Zone. While its borders varied considerably over time.

Its 18th and 19th century capital was Inchetkaub,[1] other towns were Adi Arkay, Adi Remets, Dabat, Derasghie, Mesfinto, Segonet and Sekota del Semien.

The highest point was Ras Dashen in the Semien Mountains.[2]

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Semien Province

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Semien Province (Amharic: ሰሜን, “North”) was a historical province of northwest Ethiopia, often called Gondar. It was located south and west of the Tekezé...

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Semien is Amharic and Tigrinya for "north", and may refer to: Semien Mountains Semien province Kingdom of Semien, a historical political entity of the...

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Wube Haile Maryam

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Wube's family originated from the Semien mountains, his father, Haile Maryam Gebre was the governor of the Semien province and belonged to the Orthodox Christian...

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Tiruwork Wube

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and the prince of Semien province who became the virtual ruler of all of northern Ethiopia after his conquest of Tigray province and parts of modern...

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Ayalew Birru

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governorships. From 1916, he was Shum of Wagara. From 1928, he was Shum of Semien Province. From 1917 to 1918, after Lij Iyasu was deposed, Ayalew Birru was made...

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former province is now split over the woredas of Dogua Tembien and Kola Tembien.[citation needed] It was located east of the Semien Province and north...

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north-east of Gondar on the highway between Gondar and Axum, and is in the Semien Gondar Zone of the Amhara Region. It has a latitude and longitude of 13°08′N...

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Menas of Ethiopia

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Gojjam, and shortly afterwards he campaigned against the Beta israel in Semien province. Menas made no use of his ancestors capitals in Shewa and Fatagar or...

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Sarsa Dengel

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lagged behind." Sarsa Dengel campaigned against the Beta Israel in Semien province in 1580, and again in 1585. He also campaigned against the Agaw in...

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Gebre Tasfa

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Gebre Tasfa better known as Gebre of Semien (Gabriel of Semien) (died May 1815) was the governor of Semien, Tsegede, Welkait and Wogera during the late...

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North Wollo Zone

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North Wollo (Amharic: ሰሜን ወሎ) also called Semien Wollo, is a zone in Amhara Region of Ethiopia. It is bordered on the south by South Wollo, on the west...

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Sabagadis Woldu

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military encounters led to the rampaging of his province of Semien. In 1830, Sabagadis ravaged Semien, having defeated and chased Wube out of his fortress...

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Tigray Province

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dynasty, whose successor was his son-in-law Wube of the Amharic-speaking Semien. Rulers of Tigrayan provinces were almost always of Tigrayan origin; in...

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the historical Endagabatan province. The towns of Debre Berhan, Antsokia, Ankober, Entoto and, after Shewa became a province of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa have...

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Simien Mountains National Park

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of the Simien Mountains and is 120 kilometres (75 mi) from the Gondar province of Begemder in the northwestern part of Ethiopia. It is located within...

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Kaffa Province

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Kaffa (Amharic: ከፋ) was a province on the southwestern side of Ethiopia; its capital city was Bonga. It was named after the former Kingdom of Kaffa or...

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Amhara Province

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specifically, the modern provinces Semien Shewa and Debub Wollo. It was named after the Amhara people, who originated from the province. Following the Italian conquest...

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Northern Red Sea Region

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in 2001. The net growth rate was 11.80 per cent. The total area of the province was 27800.00 km2 and the density was 23.50 persons per km2. The Northern...

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Welde Giyorgis Aboye

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Tigray province. Her mother Yewub-dar Haile Maryam was the daughter of the Amhara chief Haile Maryam Gebre, the former governor of Semien province and Hirut...

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Taytu Betul

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Maryam who governed the Semien and Tigray princedom. Her Ancestry hailed from a lot of places the north, including Yejju, Semien and Tigray. There are no...

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Mountain National Park or Semien Mountains National Park, one of the National Parks of Ethiopia Simen Mountains or Semien Mountains (also spelled Simien...

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Betul Haile Maryam

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Semien military officers chose Wube Haile Maryam to lead Semien instead of his brother Merso. Betul with his mother and Merso fled to Tigray province...

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Provinces of Ethiopia

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Agawmeder Begemder Dawaro Dembiya Enderta Fatagar Hadiya Ifat Lasta Menz Qwara Semien Tembien Tigray Tselemt Tsegede[citation needed] Wag Wegera Ethiopia was...

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of Ethiopia. It was named after the former province Belessa, which lay in the same area. Part of the Semien Gondar Zone, Belessa was bordered on the south...

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Enderta Province

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Tigray 20 September 1748 and of Semien 8 October 1757. Raised to the title of Ras and confirmed as Governor of Tigray, Semien, Seggada, Walqat and 44 other...

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Mehal Meda

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northern district of the former province of Menz, Gera Meder. Located at the eastern edge of the Ethiopian highlands in the Semien Shewa Zone, Menz Gera Midir...

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Ethiopian Highlands

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Abyssinian Massif, covers the Tigray and Amhara Regions, and includes the Semien Mountains, part of which has been designated the Simien Mountains National...

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modern Semien Shewa Zone of the Amhara Region. William Cornwallis Harris described Menz as lying "westward" of Gedem but between that former province and...

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