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Map of the provinces of Ethiopia before 1935. (Derived from Perham, Margery (1969):The Government of Ethiopia)

Semien Province (Amharic: ሰሜን, “North”) was a historical province of northwest Ethiopia. According to Manoel De Almeida Semien was bordered on the north-east and north by Tigray and Tselemt, on the east and south by Abergele, and on the west by Wegera.[1] Alexander Murray include Wag as part of Semien.[2]

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  2. ^ Murray, Alexander (1808). Account of the Life and Writings of James Bruce ...: Author of Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile, in the Years 1768, 1769, 1770, 1771, 1772, & 1773. A. Constable. p. 304.

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Semien Province

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Semien Province (Amharic: ሰሜን, “North”) was a historical province of northwest Ethiopia. According to Manoel De Almeida Semien was bordered on the north-east...

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Semien is Amharic and Tigrinya for "north", and may refer to: Semien Mountains Semien province Kingdom of Semien, a historical political entity of the...

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Gebre Tasfa

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Gebre Tasfa better known as Gebre of Semien (Gabriel of Semien) (died May 1815) was the governor of Semien, Tsegede, Welkait and Wogera during the late...

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Kingdom of Simien

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during Amda Seyon I's conquests, he campaigned in the northern provinces of Semien, Wegera, Tselemt, and Tsegede, in which many had been converting to Judaism...

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Wube Haile Maryam

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Wube's family originated from the Semien mountains. his father, Haile Maryam Gebre was the governor of the Semien province and belonged to the Orthodox Christian...

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former province is now split over the woredas of Dogua Tembien and Kola Tembien.[citation needed] It was located east of the Semien Province, north of...

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Tiruwork Wube

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and the prince of Semien province who became the virtual ruler of all of northern Ethiopia after his conquest of Tigray province and parts of modern...

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Menas of Ethiopia

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Gojjam, and shortly afterwards he campaigned against the Beta Israel in Semien province.According to Jeronimo Lobo, Menas was known to have all the bad qualities...

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Ayalew Birru

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governorships. From 1916, he was Shum of Wagara. From 1928, he was Shum of Semien Province. From 1917 to 1918, after Lij Iyasu was deposed, Ayalew Birru was made...

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Sarsa Dengel

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departed from Tigray to conduct a campaign against the Beta Israel in Semien province. While on this campaign, Sarsa Dengel received information that the...

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Sabagadis Woldu

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military encounters led to the rampaging of his province of Semien. In 1830, Sabagadis ravaged Semien, having defeated and even chased Wube out of his...

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north-east of Gondar on the highway between Gondar and Axum, and is in the Semien Gondar Zone of the Amhara Region. It has a latitude and longitude of 13°08′N...

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During Yohannes I reign, Dejazmach Anestasyos was the governor of Semien Province with the honorific title of Aggafari. On 15 July 1682, the ailing Emperor...

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Amhara Province

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present-day Debub Wollo and parts of Semien Shewa. It was named after the Amhara people, who originated from the province. Amhara Region Amhara people Chisholm...

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Welde Giyorgis Aboye

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Tigray province. Her mother Yewub-dar Haile Maryam was the daughter of the Amhara chief Haile Maryam Gebre, the former governor of Semien province and Hirut...

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Tigray Province

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dynasty, whose successor was his son-in-law Wube of the Amharic-speaking Semien. Rulers of Tigrayan provinces were almost always of Tigrayan origin; in...

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towns of Debre Berhan, Antsokia, Ankober, Entoto and, after Shewa became a province of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa have all served as the capital of Shewa at various...

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Simien Mountains National Park

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of the Simien Mountains and is 120 kilometres (75 mi) from the Gondar province of Begemder in the northwestern part of Ethiopia. It is located within...

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Kaffa Province

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Kaffa (Amharic: ካፋ) was a province on the southwestern side of Ethiopia; its capital city was Bonga. Kaffa is bordered on the west by Sudan, on the northwest...

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North Wollo Zone

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North Wollo (Amharic: ሰሜን ወሎ) also called Semien Wollo, is a zone in Amhara Region of Ethiopia. It is bordered on the south by South Wollo, on the west...

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Taytu Betul

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in 1886. According to Raymond Jonas, Taytu Betul (or Taitu) was born in Semien, North Gondar, Ethiopian Empire. Scholarly consensus is that she was born...

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Northern Red Sea Region

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in 2001. The net growth rate was 11.80 per cent. The total area of the province was 27800.00 km2 and the density was 23.50 persons per km2. The Northern...

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Provinces of Ethiopia

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Agawmeder Begemder Dawaro Dembiya Enderta Fatagar Hadiya Ifat Lasta Menz Qwara Semien Tembien Tigray Tselemt Tsegede[citation needed] Wag Wegera Ethiopia was...

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modern Semien Shewa Zone of the Amhara Region. William Cornwallis Harris described Menz as lying "westward" of Gedem but between that former province and...

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Enderta Province

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Tigray 20 September 1748 and of Semien 8 October 1757. Raised to the title of Ras and confirmed as Governor of Tigray, Semien, Seggada, Walqat and 44 other...

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