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Provinces of Eritrea

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(administrative regions) called Akele Guzay, Barka, Denkalia, Hamasien, Sahel, Semhar, Senhit and Serae. These administrative regions relied heavily upon the...

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Semhar Araia

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Semhar Araia is an Eritrean American social activist, professor and international lawyer. She is the founder and Executive Director of the Diaspora African...

Word Count : 670

Tigre people

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several dialects of Tigre, some of them are; Mansa’ (Mensa), Habab, Barka, Semhar, Algeden, Senhit (Ad-Tekleis, Ad-Temariam, Bet-Juk, Marya Kayah, Maria Tselam)...

Word Count : 768

Tigre language

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several dialects of Tigre, some of them are; Mansa’ (Mensa), Habab, Barka, Semhar, Algeden, Senhit (Ad-Tekleis, Ad-Temariam, Bet-Juk, Marya Kayah) and Dahalik...

Word Count : 2285


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Affects Blood Pressure". LIVESTRONG.COM. Retrieved 2021-09-06. Tewelde, Semhar Z.; Liu, Stanley S.; Winters, Michael E. (February 2018). "Cardiogenic Shock"...

Word Count : 4409

Eritrean War of Independence

Last Update:

59 3 76,716 Akkele Guzay 92,465 147 22 92,634 Sahel 51,015 141 31 51,187 Semhar 33,596 113 41 33,750 Seraye 124,725 72 12 124,809 Senhit 78,513 26 1 78...

Word Count : 5138

Regions of Eritrea

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of Eritrea), Akele Guzay, Barka, Denkalia, Gash-Setit, Hamasien, Sahel, Semhar, Senhit and Seraye. These provinces were similar to the nine provinces operating...

Word Count : 925

1993 Eritrean independence referendum

Last Update:

Guzay 92,465 99.84 147 0.16 22 92,634 Sahel 51,015 99.72 141 0.28 31 51,187 Semhar 33,596 99.66 113 0.34 41 33,750 Seraye 124,725 99.94 72 0.06 12 124,809...

Word Count : 169

Black nationalism

Last Update:

Scotia". Government of Nova Scotia. Retrieved 2 February 2024. Negassa, Semhar (20 April 2011). "Freetown, Sierra Leone (1792- ) •". Retrieved 2 February...

Word Count : 15357

Eritrean Americans

Last Update:

entrepreneur, community activist, philanthropist, and actor. Lay Bankz - rapper Semhar Araia - Eritrean political activist, professor and international lawyer...

Word Count : 1131

Beja language

Last Update:

بِذاوِيّت/عربي. Port Sudan. Mohammed Ahmed, Mahmud (2004). Oomraay. Asmara: Semhar Press. Reinisch, Leo (1893). Die Beḍauye-Sprache in Nordost-Afrika. Wien:...

Word Count : 4781

List of Eritreans

Last Update:

Himid Estifanos Seyoum Astier Fesehazion Germano Nati Beraki Gebreselassie Semhar Araia Haben Girma Bereket Habte Selassie Yirgalem Fisseha Mebrahtu Dawit...

Word Count : 257

1st Kansas Colored Infantry Regiment

Last Update:

Online Exhibits - Keep the Flag to the Front, "The Colored Soldiers," Kansas Historical Society 1st Kansas Colored Infantry (1862-1865) by Semhar Negassa...

Word Count : 1162

First Battle of Massawa

Last Update:

forced to pull back for a long siege, before completely withdrawing to Semhar on July 1978. Battle of Massawa (1990) Eritrean War of Independence Dan...

Word Count : 407


Last Update:

Francesco Araja (1709–1762/1770), or Francesco Araia, Italian composer Semhar Araia (born 1978/1979), Eritrean American social activist, professor, and...

Word Count : 95

List of Marquette University alumni

Last Update:

Name Class year Notability References Semhar Araia 1999 Social activist and international lawyer Robert J. Beck Scholar of international law and international...

Word Count : 3992

Habtezion Hadgu

Last Update:

was never again mentioned in public. He was married and has a daughter, Semhar Habtezion, who has in recent years advocated for more information on his...

Word Count : 329

Alfred Sam

Last Update:

Papers: 1826–August 1919, University of California Press, 1983, pp. 536–547. Semhar Negassa, "Chief Alfred Charles Sam", Retrieved August 8,...

Word Count : 641

Memnos Costi

Last Update:

the BBC's See Hear, where he has remained ever since. In 2002, Costi and Semhar Beyene were approached by producer Andrew Stibbs to take part in a project...

Word Count : 318

Hyperspectral Imager for the Coastal Ocean

Last Update:

Monica; Gianinetto, Marco; Colombo, Roberto; Cogliati, Sergio; Ghebrehiwot, Semhar; Laanen, Marnix; Peters, Steef; Schroeder, Thomas; Concha, Javier A.; Brando...

Word Count : 2431

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