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Sara people information

A Sara woman
Total population
~4 million
Regions with significant populations
The Republic of Chad, the Central African Republic, and the Republic of Sudan
Sara people Chad5,311,303 (30.5%)[1]
Sara people Central African Republic423,281 (7.9%)[2]
Sara languages, French
Christianity, Sara animism (traditional African religion), Islam
Related ethnic groups
Bilala people and other Central Sudanic peoples

The Sara people are a Central Sudanic ethnic group native to southern Chad, the northwestern areas of the Central African Republic, and the southern border of North Sudan.[3] They speak the Sara languages which are a part of the Central Sudanic language family.[4] They are also the largest ethnic group in Chad.[5][6]

Sara oral histories add further details about the people. In summary, the Sara are mostly animists (veneration of nature), with a social order made up of several patrilineal clans formerly united into a single polity with a national language, national identity, and national religion. Many Sara people have retained their ethnic religion, but some have converted to Christianity and Islam.[7]

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