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Santa Rita massacre information

Santa Rita massacre
Part of the Salvadoran Civil War
1982 El Paraíso massacre, journalists at the site of the massacre.jpg
Journalists at the site of the massacre.
LocationNear Santa Rita
Coordinates14°05′N 89°02′W / 14.083°N 89.033°W / 14.083; -89.033
Date17 March 1982
Around 5:00pm (–6 UTC)
TargetDutch journalists
FMLN guerrillas
Attack type
WeaponsM16s and M60s[1][2]
PerpetratorAtonal Battalion

The Santa Rita massacre (Spanish: Masacre de Santa Rita) occurred near the town of Santa Rita in Chalatenango, El Salvador, on 17 March 1982.[5] During the massacre, soldiers from the Atonal Battalion attacked and killed four Dutch journalists and a disputed number of guerrillas from the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN).

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