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San Juan, Spanish for Saint John, may refer to:

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San Juan

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Province) San Juan Province (Dominican Republic) San Juan de la Maguana San Juan Atitán San Juan Ixcoy San Juan, Intibucá San Juan, La Paz Colonia San Juan, Mexico...

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San Juan Islands

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The San Juan Islands are an archipelago in the Pacific Northwest of the United States between the U.S. state of Washington and Vancouver Island, British...

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Old San Juan

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Old San Juan (Spanish: Viejo San Juan) is a historic district located at the "northwest triangle" of the islet of San Juan. Its area roughly correlates...

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Battle of San Juan Hill

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The Battle of San Juan Hill, also known as the Battle for the San Juan Heights, was a major battle of the Spanish–American War fought between an American...

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Antonia San Juan

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Antonia San Juan Fernández (born 22 May 1961) is a Spanish actress, director and screenwriter. She was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. At 19...

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San Juan Mountains

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The San Juan Mountains is a high and rugged mountain range in the Rocky Mountains in southwestern Colorado and northwestern New Mexico. The area is highly...

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San Juan Island

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San Juan Island is the second-largest and most populous of the San Juan Islands in northwestern Washington, United States. It has a land area of 142.59 km2...

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Estadio San Juan del Bicentenario

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Estadio San Juan del Bicentenario is a stadium in Pocito Department of San Juan Province, Argentina. It is used mostly for football events, hosting the...

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Colegio de San Juan de Letran

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The Colegio de San Juan de Letran, (transl: College of San Juan de Letran) also referred to by its acronym CSJL, is a private Catholic coeducational basic...

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Battle of San Juan

Last Update:

San Juan may refer to: Battle of San Juan (1595), an English attack on San Juan, Puerto Rico Battle of San Juan (1598), an English attack on San Juan...

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San Juan de Lurigancho

Last Update:

San Juan de Lurigancho (SJL) is a district in Lima, Peru, located in the area known as Cono Este. It is Peru's most populous district, with a current population...

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San Juan del Sur

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San Juan del Sur is a municipality and coastal town on the Pacific Ocean, in the Rivas department in southwest Nicaragua. It is located 140 kilometres...

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Olga San Juan

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Olga San Juan (March 16, 1927 – January 3, 2009) was an American actress and comedian. Born in Brooklyn, she began her brief film career with Paramount...

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Mission San Juan Capistrano

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Mission San Juan Capistrano (Spanish: Misión San Juan Capistrano) is a Spanish mission in San Juan Capistrano, Orange County, California. Founded November...

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San Juan Hill

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San Juan Hill is a series of hills to the east of Santiago, Cuba, running north to south. The area is known as the San Juan Heights or in Spanish Alturas...

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the island stands a hermitage (named Gaztelugatxeko Doniene in Basque; San Juan de Gaztelugatxe in Spanish), dedicated to John the Baptist, that dates...

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