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Look up salamat in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Salamat may refer to: Salamat (album), a 2007 album by Yeng Constantino "Salamat" (Yeng Constantino...

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Salamat Hashim

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Salamat Hashim (Maguindanaon pronunciation: [salaːmat haːʃɪm]; Jawi: سلامت حاشم; July 07, 1939 - July 13, 2003), also known as Hashim Salamat, was a Filipino...

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Magat Salamat

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Datu Magat Salamat was a Filipino historical figure best known for co-organizing the Tondo Conspiracy of 1587. He was one of at least four sons of Lakandula...

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Bovirdeh Salamat

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Bovirdeh Salamat (Persian: بويرده سلامات, also Romanized as Bovīrdeh Salāmat; also known as Bard-i-Salāmat, Bovair Deh, Boveyr Deh-e Salāmāt, Boveyr Deh...

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Salamat Dok

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Salamat Dok (lit. 'Thanks Doc') was a Philippine medical television program broadcast by ABS-CBN. Originally hosted by Cheryl Cosim and it aired on ABS-CBN...

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Aga Khan

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following names: "Hazarat Mowlana Dhani Salamat Datar, Pir Salamat, Sarkar Saheb, Huzur Pur Nur, Dhani Salamat, Hazar Imam, Dhani Pir, Aga Khan." ' Daftary...

Word Count : 954

Said Salamat

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Salamat (Persian: سعيدسلامات, also Romanized as Sa‘īd Salāmāt; also known as Sa‘īd, Salāmat-e Kūchak, Salāmat-e Kūchek, Salāmat-e Sa‘īd, and Salāmat-i-Kochek)...

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Salamat Ali Khan

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Salamat Ali Khan (12 December 1934 – 11 July 2001) was a Pakistani vocalist and touring artist known for his contribution to the Hindustani classical...

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HC Salamat

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Hockey Club Kirkkonummen Salamat or HCK Salamat are a Finnish ice hockey team in the III-divisioona, the fifth-tier men's ice hockey league in Finland...

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The Most Dangerous Man in the World

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comedy film directed by Niazi Mostafa Hola De krito as Thirdy The Copes SALAMAT SA UTANG as RAYAN THE PAYB ETCH SECRET as Sonia, the mob boss Adel Adham...

Word Count : 144

Sham Chaurasia gharana

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is most notably represented in modern times by the brothers Nazakat and Salamat Ali Khan. The gharana is believed to have been founded in the 16th century...

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Bahr Salamat

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Bahr Salamat is a seasonally intermittent river in Chad. It flows southwards, and is a tributary of the Chari River. When the Bahr Salama river is flowing...

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Khazineh (Persian: خزينه, also Romanized as Khazīneh; also known as Salāmāt and Salāmāt Khazīneh) is a village in Shahid Modarres Rural District, in the...

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Marella Salamat

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Marella Vania Salamat (born 24 April 1994) is a Filipina road cycling racer and former bowler. Salamat attended the University of the East where she pursued...

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located at the Magat River Magat River, a river in the Philippines Magat Salamat, son of Lakan Dula of the Kingdom of Tondo "MAGAt", a derogatory term used...

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Salamat Azimi

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Salamat Azimi (born 1965) is an Afghan politician who served as Counter Narcotics Minister. Azimi was born in Andkhoy District of Faryab Province in 1965...

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IRIB Salamat

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IRIB Salamat (شبكه‌ی سلامت, Shibkâhey-e Salâmit, "Health Channel"), is an Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting television channel, broadcast in Worldwide...

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Salamat Sadikova

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Salamat Sadikova (Kyrgyz: Саламат Садыкова; Arabic: سلامات صاديقوف; also Sadykova and Sadicova; born 28 September 1956 in Kyzyl Jol village, Batken, Kyrgyzstan)...

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Yeng Constantino

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music school in Singapore devoted to teaching rock and popular music. Salamat, her debut album, was released in January 2007 under Star Records. It was...

Word Count : 3151

Aankh Salamat Andhay Log

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Aankh Salamat Andhe Log is a Pakistani drama television series first broadcast on A-Plus TV and ATV in 2010. It features Saba Qamar, Nauman Ijaz, Maira...

Word Count : 281

BRP Magat Salamat

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BRP Magat Salamat (PS-20) is one of several Miguel Malvar class of patrol corvettes in service with the Philippine Navy. She was originally built as USS...

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Diamond Cartel

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and shot in Kazakhstan, directed by Salamat Mukhammed-Ali and written by Magamet Bachaev, Dauren Mussa and Salamat Mukhammed-Ali. The film is also known...

Word Count : 182

Salamat Sara

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Salamat Sara (Persian: سلامت سرا, also Romanized as Salāmat Sarā) is a village in Kelarabad Rural District, Kelarabad District, Abbasabad County, Mazandaran...

Word Count : 93

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