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Russian White Dairy information

Russian White Dairy
Русская белая коза.JPG
Conservation status
  • FAO (2007): not at risk[1]: 96 
  • DAD-IS (2021): unknown[2]
Other names
  • Russkaya Belaya
  • Russian Dairy
  • Improved North Russian[2]
Country of origin
  • Soviet Union
  • Russian Federation
  • Male:
    60–75 kg[3]: 363 
  • Female:
    50–60 kg[3]: 363 
Horn statushorned or polled
  • Goat
  • Capra hircus

The Russian White Dairy or Russian White is a Russian breed of dairy goat. It derives from cross-breeding of the indigenous North Russian with imported Swiss Saanen goats; this began in about 1905. The Gorki derives from it, but is always horned, while the Russian White may be horned or polled. It has become a rare breed, numbering only a few thousand head.[4]: 404 

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