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Coat of arms of the Rhineland

The Rhineland (German: Rheinland; French: Rhénanie; Dutch: Rijnland; Kölsch: Rhingland; Latinised name: Rhenania) is a loosely defined area of Western Germany along the Rhine, chiefly its middle section.

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The Rhineland (German: Rheinland; French: Rhénanie; Dutch: Rijnland; Kölsch: Rhingland; Latinised name: Rhenania) is a loosely defined area of Western...

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Rhineland bastard

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Rhineland bastard (German: Rheinlandbastard) was a derogatory term used in Nazi Germany to describe Afro-Germans, born of mixed-race relationships between...

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Occupation of the Rhineland

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The Occupation of the Rhineland placed the region of Germany west of the Rhine river and four bridgeheads to its east under the control of the victorious...

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Remilitarisation of the Rhineland

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remilitarisation of the Rhineland (German: Rheinlandbesetzung) began on 7 March 1936, when military forces of the German Reich entered the Rhineland, which directly...

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Rhine Province

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also known as Rhenish Prussia (Rheinpreußen) or synonymous with the Rhineland (Rheinland), was the westernmost province of the Kingdom of Prussia and...

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Municipality of Rhineland

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The Municipality of Rhineland is a rural municipality (RM) in the Canadian province of Manitoba. The RM had a population of 5,945 as of the 2016 Canada...

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Rhineland massacres

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The Rhineland massacres, also known as the German Crusade of 1096 or Gzerot Tatnó (Hebrew: גזרות תתנ"ו, "Edicts of 4856"), were a series of mass murders...

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[maɪnts] ; see below) is the capital and largest city of the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate, and with around 221,000 inhabitants, it is Germany's 35th-largest...

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Missouri Rhineland

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The Missouri Rhineland (German: Missouri Rheinland) is a German cultural region of Missouri that extends from west of St. Louis to slightly east of Jefferson...

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Siegfried Line campaign

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sealed off to the rear of the Allied advance. The first operation of the Rhineland campaign, Market Garden, was commanded by Montgomery and was to secure...

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Cabinet Beck IV

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The Cabinet Beck IV was the state government of the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate from 18 May 2006 until 18 May 2011. The Cabinet was headed by...

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Rhineland Offensive

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The Rhineland Offensive was a series of allied offensive operations by 21st Army Group commanded by Bernard Montgomery from 8 February 1945 to 25 March...

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Rhenish Republic

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of change in the status of the Rhineland within the Weimar Republic. Others advocated full integration of the Rhineland into France. Similar political...

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Locarno Treaties

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nation. Allied withdrawal from the northern zone of the Occupation of the Rhineland was originally scheduled for January 1925 in the Treaty of Versailles...

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Friends of God

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The Friends of God (German: Gottesfreunde; or gotesvriunde) was a medieval mystical group of both ecclesiastical and lay persons within the Catholic Church...

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