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Qwara (Amharic: ቋራ), also spelled Quara, was a province in now Amhara region, Ethiopia, located between Lake Tana and the frontier inside present-day Sudan, and stretching from Agawmeder in the south as far north as Metemma, and as far west as Wad Madani, Sudan.

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Qwara Province

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Qwara (Amharic: ቋራ), also spelled Quara, was a province in now Amhara region, Ethiopia, located between Lake Tana and the frontier inside present-day...

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Qwara may refer to: Qwara Province in Ethiopia Qwara language Qwara (woreda), a district in the approximate location as the province This disambiguation...

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born in Qwara province. She was a daughter of Dejazmach Manbare of Dembiya by his wife, Woizero Yenkoy. Mentewab married Emperor Bakaffa in Qwara on 6 September...

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Kaffa Province

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Kaffa (Amharic: ከፋ) was a province on the southwestern side of Ethiopia; its capital city was Bonga. Kaffa is bordered on the west by Sudan, on the northwest...

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Iyoas I

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for the power wielded for so long by Mentewab and her relatives from Qwara Province. When Iyoas assumed the throne upon his father's sudden death, the aristocrats...

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Tewodros II

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horseman in Abyssinia. Kassa Hailu was born in Qwara west of Gondar, his father was an Amhara nobleman of the Qwara district named Hailegiorgis Woldegiorgis...

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By 1700, Gojjam's western neighbors were Agawmeder in the southwest and Qwara in the northwest. Agawmeder, never an organized political entity, was gradually...

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Selale, also known as Grarya, a former province of Abyssinia. Modern Shewa includes the historical Endagabatan province. Shewa first appears in the historical...

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Provinces of Ethiopia

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Agawmeder Begemder Dawaro Dembiya Enderta Fatagar Hadiya Ifat Lasta Menz Qwara Semien Tembien Tigray Tselemt Tsegede[citation needed] Wag Wegera Ethiopia...

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Writing systems of Africa

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is the case with Judeo-Tunisian Arabic) or with Ge'ez (as with Kayla and Qwara), many- including Haketia and several forms of Judeo-Arabic- have made frequent...

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Zemene Mesafint

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led to Mentewab summoning her relatives with their armed supporters from Qwara to Gondar to support her. Wubit responded by summoning her own Oromo relatives...

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Warsangali Sultanate

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southeastern Somalia. It was one of the biggest sultanates ever founded in the province, including the Sanaag region and sections of the country's northeastern...

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Medri Bahri

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somewhere five to six days away from Medri Bahri, possibly Taka (a historical province named after Jebel Taka near modern Kassala). During the Ethiopian-Adal...

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Mikael Sehul

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his grandmother. Empress Mentewab gathered her relatives from her native Qwara and their forces flooded into Gondar to support her claims. When news of...

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Jewish languages

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century BCE on the island of Elephantine. Later the Persians made Judah a province and permitted Jewish exiles to return and rebuild the Temple. Aramaic became...

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frequent trips in disguise, and fell ill while visiting her home province of Qwara. He was put to bed in her father's house and she had nursed him during...

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also known as Enda Gabtan, Anda Gabtan, or Endagabton was a historical province of Ethiopia. Located north west of the old Fatagar region, bounded by Mugar...

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vassal and later a province due its subjugation by Emperor Amda Seyon I in the early 14th century. The earliest mention of this province comes from the Royal...

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Ganz province

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Ganz (Amharic: ገንዝ), also known as Ganazo or Ganzo was a province surrounding what is now the capital region and city of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. Originally...

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Wollo group led by Wubit. In 1767, Ras Mikael Sehul, a regent in Tigray Province, seized Gondar and murdered the child Iyoas I in 1769, who was emperor...

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Sultanate of Aussa

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federal government and its transformation into a centrally-administered province, Afar leaders met again in Assab in 1963 and supported the creation of...

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Dankali Sultanate

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Wag Kingdom of Beta Israel Dembiya Gafat Gojjam Waldebba Semien Wegera Qwara Tsegede Wolqayt Kingdom of Damot Dawro Enarya Janjero Kaffa Sheka Wolayta...

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History of Ethiopia

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Qwara, in 1818. His father was a small local chief, and his relative (possibly uncle) Dejazmach Kinfu was governor of the provinces of Dembiya, Qwara...

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Beta Israel

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(Friday fast), and the very holy Sanbat (Sabbath). The Beta Israel once spoke Qwara and Kayla, both of which are Agaw languages. Now, they speak Tigrinya and...

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