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The Punilla Valley (Spanish: Valle de Punilla) is a broad fluvial valley in the province of Córdoba, Argentina. It is located in the center-northwest of the province, bordered by the Sierras Chicas in the east and the Sierras Grandes and the Pampa Achala in the west, oriented from north to south. In the southern part of the valley lies the San Roque Lake, fed mainly by the San Antonio River and the Cosquín River.

The most important tourist location in Córdoba, the city of Villa Carlos Paz, is located on the southern shore of San Roque lake, though the valley is known for a number of other scenic towns, including Cruz del Eje, Capilla del Monte, La Cumbre, La Falda, Valle Hermoso, and Cosquín.

The Cruz del Eje and La Falda Reservoirs were completed within the valley in 1943 and 1979, respectively, to address the area's water and flood control needs, and have since become important recreational areas in their own right.

Mount Uritoco
Yacoana Springs, San Francisco River
The Seven Falls Springs, near La Falda

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Punilla Valley

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The Punilla Valley (Spanish: Valle de Punilla) is a broad fluvial valley in the province of Córdoba, Argentina. It is located in the center-northwest of...

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Villa Carlos Paz

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center-north of the province of Córdoba, Argentina, in the south of the Punilla Valley, lying on the western slope of the Sierras Chicas. It has a population...

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La Falda

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is part of an important tourist circuit of the province (the Punilla Valley). The Punilla Department includes other tourist sites like Villa Carlos Paz...

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Punilla Department

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Lago Villa Icho Cruz Punilla Valley Cerro Uritorco (in Spanish) This is Punilla website (in Spanish) Punilla Valley website "Punilla Department" (in Spanish)...

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Capilla del Monte

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located by the Sierras Chicas mountain chain, in the northern end of the Punilla Valley. It has about 11,281 inhabitants as per the 2010 census [INDEC]. Tourism...

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Argentine wine

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Eastern part of the Sierras, from the Villa General Belgrano area to the Punilla Valley, was generally considered to be too cool and humid, following the old...

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Luciano Becchio

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Argentina's second-city of Córdoba located at the foothills of the Punilla Valley in the geographical centre of the country. As a child, he had a keen...

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Suspension bridges road

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Bridges Road is the ancient route linking the Valley Traslasierra with the city of Villa Carlos Paz (Punilla Valley) in the Córdoba Province, Argentina. Its...

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Hospital Domingo Funes

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referral center, level II, the hospital serves as a trauma center for the Punilla Valley and through the Provincial Referral System it covers medical emergencies...

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Gregorio Funes

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rector of the University of Córdoba led to Funes' transfer to a minor, Punilla Valley parish. Funes ultimately transferred, without permission from the diocese...

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Valle de Traslasierra

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traffic. This route unites Mina Clavero in Traslasierra Valley and Villa Carlos Paz in Punilla Valley. In the center and along the mountain range of nearly...

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Pampa de Achala

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constructed and opened in 1918 linking the Valley Traslasierra with the city of Villa Carlos Paz in the Punilla Valley. The geological evolution of the Pampa...

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Ongamira is a valley located north of the Valle de Punilla and northwest of the city of Córdoba, Argentina. The name of this valley derives from the word...

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Santa Maria

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Department (disambiguation), two departments in Argentina Santa María de Punilla Santa María, Misiones Santa María, Salta Santa María del Buen Ayre, old...

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Carlos (1999). Proyecto de optimización de uso del recurso hídrico del río Punilla con fines agropecuarios en el paraje de Paicuqui, departamento Antofagasta...

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