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Punilla Province
Provincia de Punilla
Location in the Ñuble Region
Location in the Ñuble Region
CapitalSan Carlos
CommunesList of 5
 • GovernorCristóbal Martínez
 • Total5,202.5 km2 (2,008.7 sq mi)
 • Total98.596
 • Density18.95/km2 (49.1/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC−4 (CLT)
 • Summer (DST)UTC−3 (CLST)

Punilla Province is one of the three provinces of the Ñuble Region of Chile[1]

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Punilla Province is one of the three provinces of the Ñuble Region of Chile San Carlos San Nicolás San Fabián Coihueco Ñiquén TribunadelBioBí

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Punilla Valley

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Punilla Department Bienvenidos al Valle de Punilla - Valle de Punilla. Córdoba Global - Valle de Punilla. Punilla Online - Todo el Valle de Punilla en...

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La Punilla

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La Punilla is a village and municipality in San Luis Province in central Argentina. Ministerio del Interior (in Spanish) v t e 33°08′S 65°05′W / 33...

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Villa Carlos Paz

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center-north of the province of Córdoba, Argentina, in the south of the Punilla Valley, lying on the western slope of the Sierras Chicas. It has a population...

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Punilla Department

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The Punilla Department is an administrative division of the province of Córdoba, Argentina. It has over 155,000 inhabitants, with a population density...

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La Falda

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is part of an important tourist circuit of the province (the Punilla Valley). The Punilla Department includes other tourist sites like Villa Carlos Paz...

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Regions of Chile

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Region. The old province was divided into three new provinces: Diguillín, Punilla and Itata. The new region's capital is Chillán. It became operational in...

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Hospital Domingo Funes

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northwest from the city of Cordoba, in the town of Villa Caeiro, Department Punilla, Córdoba Province, Argentina. The hospital is named after a resolution...

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Capilla del Monte

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located by the Sierras Chicas mountain chain, in the northern end of the Punilla Valley. It has about 11,281 inhabitants as per the 2010 census [INDEC]...

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Santa Maria

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Department (disambiguation), two departments in Argentina Santa María de Punilla Santa María, Misiones Santa María, Salta Santa María del Buen Ayre, old...

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Ongamira is a valley located north of the Valle de Punilla and northwest of the city of Córdoba, Argentina. The name of this valley derives from the word...

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San Roque Lake

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San Roque Lake San Roque Lake Location Punilla Department, Córdoba Province Coordinates 31°22′41″S 64°28′10″W / 31.37806°S 64.46944°W / -31.37806;...

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Cauquenes 3 3027.2 57,088 Ñuble (XVI) Diguillín Bulnes 9 5,229.3 319,809 Punilla San Carlos 5 5,202.5 98,596 Itata Quirihue 7 2,177.11 53,832 Biobío (VIII)...

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Suspension bridges road

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route linking the Valley Traslasierra with the city of Villa Carlos Paz (Punilla Valley) in the Córdoba Province, Argentina. Its outstanding feature, which...

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Communes of Chile

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13,303 link Ránquil 248 5,683 6,041 link Treguaco 313 5,296 5,346 link Punilla Coihueco 1,777 23,583 25,763 link Ñiquén 493 11,421 11,689 link San Carlos...

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Micaela Chauque

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lucidez". Página 12 (in Spanish). Retrieved 24 January 2023. "Noche 9". Valle Punilla (in Spanish). 29 January 2011. Retrieved 24 January 2023. "Micaela Chauque...

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Villa Giardino

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agrarian village. Villa Giardino en Facebook Villa Carlos Paz and Valle de Punilla City government Cabañas account Municipal information: Municipal Affairs...

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