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Puerto Baquerizo Moreno information

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
The shoreline of Puerto Baquerizo with a sea lion in the foreground
The shoreline of Puerto Baquerizo with a sea lion in the foreground
Flag of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
Official seal of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
"Capital del Paraíso" - "Paradise's Capital"
Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is located in Galápagos Islands
Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
Coordinates: 00°54′09″S 89°36′33″W / 0.90250°S 89.60917°W / -0.90250; -89.60917
CountryPuerto Baquerizo Moreno Ecuador
CantonSan Cristóbal
 • MayorAb. Pedro Zapata
 • City2.75 km2 (1.06 sq mi)
6 m (20 ft)
 (2022 census)[1]
 • City7,290
 • Density2,700/km2 (6,900/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-6
ClimateBSh (in Spanish)

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈpweɾto βakeˈɾiso moˈɾeno]) is the capital of Galápagos Province, Ecuador. It is located on the southwestern coast of San Cristóbal, the easternmost island in the archipelago, and is the capital of San Cristóbal Canton. It was founded by General Villamil Playas in the mid-19th century, and takes its name from President Alfredo Baquerizo (1859–1951). Today, fishing is the main activity of the locals, but tourism is on the increase along the waterfront with numerous hotels and shops.

Adult Galápagos sea lion resting on a park bench in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.

The town has a cathedral, a post office, police station, a hospital, and a branch of the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. It also contains the Centro de Interpretación of the Galápagos National Park, which was established in 1988, and a natural history museum. It is served by San Cristóbal Airport, which connects to mainland Ecuador.

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