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Prefectures of Chad information

Chad was divided into 14 prefectures from 1960, the year of independence, to 1999, when the country was divided in 28 departments. A further reorganisation in 2002 divided the country into the current 18 regions.

NB : Alphabetic order

Prefecture Capital Subprefectures
1 Batha Ati Ati, Djedda, Oum Hadjer
2 Biltine Biltine Am Zoer, Arada, Biltine, Guéréda, Iriba
3 Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti Faya-Largeau Borkou, Ennedi, Tibesti
4 Chari-Baguirmi N'Djamena Bokoro, Bousso, Massakory, N'Djamena
5 Guéra Mongo Bitkine, Mangalmé, Melfi, Mongo
6 Kanem Mao Mao, Moussoro, Nokou
7 Lac Bol Bol, Ngouri
8 Logone Occidental Moundou Beinamar, Benoye, Moundou
9 Logone Oriental Doba Baibokoum, Bebedjia,Doba, Goré
10 Mayo-Kebbi Bongor Bongor, Fianga, Gounou Gaya, Léré, Pala
11 Moyen-Chari Sarh Koumra, Kyabé, Maro, Moissala, Sarh
12 Ouaddaï Abéché Abéché, Adré, Am Dam, Goz Beida
13 Salamat Am Timan Aboudeia, Am Timan, Haraze Mangueigne
14 Tandjilé Laï Béré, Kélo, Laï

Flag of Chad Prefectures of Chad Flag of Chad

Batha · Biltine · Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti · Chari-Baguirmi · Guéra · Kanem · Lac · Logone Occidental · Logone Oriental · Mayo-Kébbi · Moyen-Chari · Ouaddaï · Salamat · Tandjilé ·

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