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Capital city
Clockwise: View of Monte Vermelho; Praia City Hall; Monumento de Diogo Gomes; aerial view of Praia; Fundação Amílcar Cabral; Palácio da Cultura Ildo Lobo.
Coat of arms of Praia
Praia is located in Cape Verde
Location of Praia in Cape Verde
Praia is located in Africa
Praia (Africa)
Coordinates: 14°55′05″N 23°30′32″W / 14.918°N 23.509°W / 14.918; -23.509
Civil ParishNossa Senhora da Graça
Founded16th century
 • Total102.6 km2 (39.6 sq mi)
 (2017 estimate)
 • Total159,050
 • Density1,600/km2 (4,000/sq mi)
Time zoneCVT (UTC−01:00)

Praia (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈpɾajɐ], Portuguese for "beach") is the capital and largest city of Cape Verde.[1] Located on the southern coast of Santiago island, within the Sotavento Islands group, the city is the seat of the Praia Municipality. Praia is the political, economic and cultural center of Cape Verde.

  1. ^ Cape Verde, Statistical Yearbook 2015, Instituto Nacional de Estatística

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