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Pori Brigade
Porin prikaati
Insignia of the Pori Brigade.
Active16 February 1626–1809: Björneborgs Regemente (Pori Regiment) Swedish Army
1881–1901: Suomen 2. tarkk'ampujapataljoona (2nd Sharpshooter Battalion of Finland)
1918–1939: Porin rykmentti (Pori Regiment)
1939-1940: I/1. Pr (1st Battalion of the 1st Brigade)[1][2]
1946–1957: Jalkaväkirykmentti 6 (Infantry Regiment 6)
1957–: Porin Prikaati (Pori Brigade)[3]
CountryPori Brigade Finland
BranchFinnish Army seal Finnish Army
TypeCombined arms
RoleFinnish Army Readiness Brigade
International operations of Finnish Army
Motto(s)Kunnia, velvollisuus, tahto
(Honor, duty, will)
FlagThe colour of the Brigade has different emblems on its sides. On the one side, coat-of-arms of Southwest Finland, on the other, the coat-of-arms of Satakunta is featured. The main colour scheme follows the colours of Satakunta.
MarchUudenmaan Tarkk'ampujapataljoonan kunniamarssi
Mascot(s)Crowned bear wielding a sword
EquipmentSisu Pasi,Patria AMV Sisu E11, RK 95 TP, MRLS, 155K98
DecorationsRibbon of Order of the Cross of Liberty as a streamer, with text "Satakunta, Pori".[4]
Battle honoursBattle of Lützen, Thirty Years' War; Battle of Narva, Battle of Poltava, Great Northern War; Finnish War; Satakunta front, Finnish Civil War; Summa, Winter War; Karelian Isthmus 1944, Continuation War, inter alia[4][2]
Brigadier general Vesa Valtonen

The Pori Brigade (Finnish: Porin prikaati), based in Huovinrinne, Säkylä and Niinisalo, Kankaanpää is a Finnish Army unit, directly under the Army headquarters. It comprises six battalion-level units and also trains soldiers for the Finnish Rapid Deployment Force.

  1. ^ The lineages of most Finnish regiments and brigades during the war are rather badly defined, as the peace-time units were formally disbanded at the beginning of the Winter War and the tables of orders were changed multiple times. Usually, brigade lineages include the Winter War units which were formed of the units of the pre-war regiment of the same name, and Continuation War units which formed the post-war regiment of that name.
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