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Google hacking

Last Update:

can still search robots.txt for endpoints) which prevents Google bots from crawling sensitive endpoints such as admin panels. Term Of The Day: Google...

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File URI scheme

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omitting host, the slash is not omitted (while "file:///foo.txt" is valid, "file://foo.txt" is not, although some interpreters manage to handle the latter)...

Word Count : 1252


Last Update:

GitHub. "LICENSE.txt". GitHub. Retrieved 2021-01-01. "Release VERSION 0.9.2: · zerotier/ZeroTierOne". GitHub. pandada8 (2021-08-18), zt-panel, retrieved 2023-02-02...

Word Count : 589

Lee Harvey Oswald

Last Update:

1963, in Dallas, Texas Archived July 7, 2007, at the Wayback Machine (.txt) at Kennedy Assassination Home Page Bugliosi, Reclaiming History, p. 376...

Word Count : 15940

Princess Basma bint Talal

Last Update:

uk. 3 May 2000. Retrieved 25 May 2017. "Obituaries : Somerville College" (TXT). Retrieved 25 May 2017. "Honorary Degrees | Smith College". Smith...

Word Count : 911

List of Mad episodes

Last Update:

Pizza Chef Tosses Tomatoes, the Itsy Bitsy Super Spider, the World's First TXT MSG, Ask the Celebrity, Sculptor Finally Gets his Sculpture Right, The Man...

Word Count : 2598

Franks Casket

Last Update:

donated the panels in 1867 to the British Museum, where he was Keeper of the British and Medieval collections. The missing right end panel was later found...

Word Count : 6555

Climatic Research Unit email controversy

Last Update:

magazines for failing to give prominent coverage to the findings of the review panels and said that "readers need to understand that while there is plenty of...

Word Count : 17046

Space Engineers

Last Update:

engineering title!" (Press release). Gamasutra. SpaceEngineers on "EULA.txt". GitHub. 2015. Retrieved October 19, 2021. The source code and art assets...

Word Count : 2982

Great Hacker War

Last Update:

Crackdown Nahshon Even-Chaim ("Phoenix") modbook4.txt – The Book of MOD: Part Four: End of '90-'1991 modbook3.txt – The Book of MOD: Part Three Channel2600 (2013-12-31)...

Word Count : 891

Far Manager

Last Update:

to and from either panel. The file panels support wildcard selection, advanced filtering, sorting and highlighting. The file panels and the command prompt...

Word Count : 991

Santa Sabina

Last Update:

of cypress wood, and originally had a layout of twenty-eight panels. Out of these panels, ten of the original have been lost, and are left without ornamentation...

Word Count : 4014


Last Update:

KMPlayer shows many advertisements, including in the homepage, side panels, options panel, and as pop-up ads. KMPlayer was developed by Kang Yong-Huee (Korean:...

Word Count : 1854

List of Google Easter eggs

Last Update:

visit their careers page. "" was a plain text file in robots.txt format that instructed The Terminator not to kill the company...

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Last Update:

ods, .odf, .odg) XML (.sxw, .sxi, .sxc, .sxd) Plain text (.txt) Portable Document Format (.pdf) PostScript (.ps) Rich text format (.rtf)...

Word Count : 3186

Manish Maheshwari

Last Update:

Cook and Intuit engineers Manish Shah and Clinton Nielsen, co-founded txtWeb. txtWeb was an emerging markets-focused mobile platform for citizen journalism...

Word Count : 2759

GOM Player

Last Update:

Formats: [Windows]smi, srt, rt, sub(& IDX), vtt (text sub), dvb, ass, psb, txt, sbv, vobsub (embedded sub) - [Mac]utf, utf8, utf-8, idx, sub, srt, smi,...

Word Count : 545

Extensible Metadata Platform

Last Update:

Systems Incorporated Open Source License". Adobe. Archived from the original (TXT) on 2006-12-11. Retrieved 2006-11-06. Penikis, Gunar (28 August 2008). "Public...

Word Count : 2358


Last Update:

the Internet Archive, in formats that many e-readers support, such as PDF, TXT, and EPUB. Books in other formats may be converted to an e-reader-compatible...

Word Count : 12274

AirTran Airways

Last Update:


Word Count : 3871

Drive letter assignment

Last Update:

characters), a dot, and a filetype (three characters); for instance A:README.TXT. (This was the era of 8-inch floppy disks, where such small namespaces did...

Word Count : 3435

The Fact Music Awards

Last Update:

Music Awards determines its winners through objective data from Gaon, a panel of judges, and the support and participation scores of fans at home and...

Word Count : 567

List of file formats

Last Update:

after the last period is the file's extension. Some file formats, such as .txt or .text, may be listed multiple times. .?Q? – files that are compressed...

Word Count : 13415

Jill Walker Rettberg

Last Update:

research dissemination in social media, having started her research blog jill/txt in 2000, and developed Snapchat Research Stories in 2017. After completing...

Word Count : 1835

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