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Palatinate or county palatine may refer to:

  • the territory or jurisdiction of a count palatine

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Look up Palatinate or palatinate in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Palatinate or county palatine may refer to: the territory or jurisdiction of a count...

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Electoral Palatinate

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The Electoral Palatinate (German: Kurpfalz) or the Palatinate (Pfalz), officially the Electorate of the Palatinate (Kurfürstentum Pfalz), was a state that...

Word Count : 2675

Palatinate campaign

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The Palatinate campaign (30 August 1620 – 27 August 1623), also known as the Spanish conquest of the Palatinate or the Palatinate phase of the Thirty...

Word Count : 886

List of Counts Palatine of the Rhine

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palatine of Lotharingia, counts palatine of the Rhine, and electors of the Palatinate (German: Kurfürst von der Pfalz), three titles whose holders ruled some...

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Upper Palatinate

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The Upper Palatinate (German: Oberpfalz, pronounced [ˈoːbɐˌp͡falt͡s] , Bavarian: Obapfoiz, Owerpfolz) is one of the seven administrative districts of Bavaria...

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Frederick V of the Palatinate

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Frederick was born at the hunting lodge (German: Jagdschloss) in Deinschwang, Palatinate (present-day Lauterhofen, Germany). He was the son of Frederick IV and...

Word Count : 6302

Palatinate Forest

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The Palatinate Forest (German: Pfälzerwald [ˈpfɛltsɐvalt] ), sometimes also called the Palatine Forest, is a low-mountain region in southwestern Germany...

Word Count : 10762

House of Wittelsbach

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ruled over territories including the Electorate of Bavaria, the Electoral Palatinate, the Electorate of Cologne, Holland, Zeeland, Sweden (with Swedish-ruled...

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County Durham

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in the east and the Rivers Tyne and Derwent in the north. The county palatinate also had a number of liberties: the Bedlingtonshire, Islandshire and Norhamshire...

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Rhenish Palatinate

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Rhenish Palatinate (German: Rheinpfalz) may refer to: Rhenish Palatinate, a name for the Palatinate region (Pfalz), Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany The Electoral...

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Agnes of the Palatinate

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Agnes of the Palatinate (1201–1267) was a daughter of Henry V, Count Palatine of the Rhine and his first wife Agnes of Hohenstaufen, daughter of Conrad...

Word Count : 350

Anne of Bavaria

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Anne of Bavaria (or of the Palatinate; Czech: Anna Falcká; 26 September 1329 – 2 February 1353) was Queen of Bohemia by marriage to Charles of Luxembourg...

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Bohemian Palatinate

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The Bohemian Palatinate (Czech: Česká Falc) or Bohemian Upper Palatinate (German: Böhmische Oberpfalz), since the 19th century also called New Bohemia...

Word Count : 365

Rupprecht of the Palatinate

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the Palatinate or Ruprecht of the Palatinate may refer to: Prince Rupert of the Rhine (Duke of Cumberland) (1619–1682) Ruprecht of the Palatinate (Bishop...

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Elisabeth of the Palatinate

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Elisabeth of the Palatinate (26 December 1618 – 11 February 1680), also known as Elisabeth of Bohemia, Princess Elisabeth of the Palatinate, or Princess-Abbess...

Word Count : 2619

Maria Sophia of Neuburg

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Maria Sophia Elisabeth of Neuburg (6 August 1666 – 4 August 1699) was Queen of Portugal as the wife of King Peter II from 1687 until her death in 1699...

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Palatine German language

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(endonym: Pälzisch; Standard German: Pfälzisch [ˈpfɛltsɪʃ]), also known as Palatinate German or Palatine Dutch, is a Rhenish Franconian dialect and is spoken...

Word Count : 354

Trakai Voivodeship

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Trakai Voivodeship, Trakai Palatinate, or Troki Voivodeship (Latin: Palatinatus Trocensis, Lithuanian: Trakų vaivadija, Polish: Województwo trockie), was...

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Historical Museum of the Palatinate

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Historical Museum of the Palatinate (German: Historisches Museum der Pfalz) is a museum in the city of Speyer in the Palatinate region of the German state...

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English as Mentz or Mayence, is the capital and largest city of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Mainz is on the left bank of the Rhine, opposite the place where...

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