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Statutory city
Horní Square, the historic city centre (left: Holy Trinity Column; middle: Olomouc City Hall)
Horní Square, the historic city centre (left: Holy Trinity Column; middle: Olomouc City Hall)
Flag of Olomouc
Coat of arms of Olomouc
Official logo of Olomouc
Olomouc is located in Czech Republic
Location in the Czech Republic
Coordinates: 49°35′38″N 17°15′3″E / 49.59389°N 17.25083°E / 49.59389; 17.25083
CountryOlomouc Czech Republic
First mentioned1017
 • MayorMiroslav Žbánek (ANO)
 • Total103.33 km2 (39.90 sq mi)
219 m (719 ft)
 • Total102,293
 • Density990/km2 (2,600/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
779 00
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Official nameHoly Trinity Column in Olomouc
Criteriai, iv
Inscription2000 (24th Session)

Olomouc (UK: /ˈɒləmts/,[2] US: /ˈl-/,[3] Czech: [ˈolomouts] ; German: Olmütz) is a city in the Czech Republic. It has about 102,000 inhabitants and its larger urban zone has a population of about 400,000 inhabitants (2024).

Located on the Morava River, the city is the ecclesiastical metropolis and was a historical co-capital city of Moravia, before having been occupied by the Swedish army during the Thirty Years' War. Today, it is the administrative centre of the Olomouc Region and the sixth largest city in the Czech Republic. The historic city centre is well preserved and is protected by law as urban monument reservation. The Holy Trinity Column was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000 for its quintessential Baroque style and symbolic value.[4]

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Last Update:

Olomouc (UK: /ˈɒləmoʊts/, US: /ˈoʊloʊ-/, Czech: [ˈolomouts] ; German: Olmütz) is a city in the Czech Republic. It has about 102,000 inhabitants and its...

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SK Sigma Olomouc is a Czech professional football club based in the city of Olomouc. The club currently competes in Czech First League, the first tier...

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Olomouc Castle (Czech: Olomoucký hrad) is one of the most important castle complexes in the Czech Republic. It is located on Wenceslas hill in the historic...

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Olomouc Region

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Olomouc Region (Czech: Olomoucký kraj; German: Olmützer Region, pronounced [ˈɔlmʏt͡sɐ ʁeˈɡi̯oːn]; Polish: Kraj ołomuniecki) is an administrative unit...

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during the Thirty Years' War, Olomouc served as the Moravian capital, and it is still the seat of the Archdiocese of Olomouc. Until the expulsions after...

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Siege of Olomouc

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The siege of Olomouc took place in 1758 when a Prussian army led by Frederick the Great besieged the Austrian city of Olmütz (now Olomouc, Czech Republic)...

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HC Olomouc

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HC Olomouc is an ice hockey team in the Czech Extraliga (first-level league) from Olomouc. They won the Extraliga championship in the 1993/1994 season...

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Olomouc astronomical clock

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The Olomouc Astronomical Clock (Czech: Olomoucký orloj) is part of the northern wall of the town hall of Olomouc, Czech Republic. The astronomical clock was...

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which was part of the 2023 ITF Women's World Tennis Tour. It took place in Olomouc, Czech Republic, between 17 and 23 July 2023. Darja Semeņistaja def. Lea...

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The Olomouc Synagogue (Czech: Synagoga v Olomouci) was a former Orthodox Jewish synagogue, located in Olomouc, in the Czech Republic. The synagogue was...

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Duke of Olomouc (Latin: dux) or Prince of Olomouc (Czech: kníže olomoucký) was a title held by members of the Bohemian Přemyslid dynasty in medieval Moravia...

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The Olomouc Research Library (Czech: Vědecká knihovna v Olomouci) is a public library in Olomouc, Czech Republic. The library was established in 1566 by...

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Olomouc Orthodox Church or Church of St. Gorazd (Czech: Chrám svatého Gorazda) is an Orthodox Christian church in the city of Olomouc in Moravia, in the...

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Trams in Olomouc

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The Olomouc tramway network (Czech: Tramvajová doprava v Olomouci) is a standard-gauge tram system located in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Seven lines operate...

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Olomouc District

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Olomouc District (Czech: okres Olomouc) is a district in the Olomouc Region of the Czech Republic. Its capital is the city of Olomouc. Olomouc District...

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The Peace of Olomouc was signed on 2 April 1479 between Matthias Corvinus of Hungary and King Vladislaus II of Bohemia (and Hungary, later), bringing...

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Olomouc Zoo (Czech: Zoologická zahrada Olomouc) is a zoo in Olomouc-Svatý Kopeček in the Czech Republic. Olomouc Zoo is one of the largest breeders of...

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Czech Republic

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Europe carried their raids into Moravia but were defensively defeated at Olomouc. After a series of dynastic wars, the House of Luxembourg gained the Bohemian...

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List of Roman Catholic bishops and archbishops of Olomouc

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of diocesan bishops and archbishops of Olomouc. Not much is known about the beginnings of the Diocese of Olomouc. It was reestablished in 1063 and in 1777...

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Olomouc Law Book

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Olomouc Law Book or Commemorative Book of Olomouc (shelfmark SOk AO, cod. Knihy, 1540) is an illuminated manuscript created for the city of Olomouc around...

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Otto I of Olomouc

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(Czech: Ota Sličný), a member of the Přemyslid dynasty, was Prince of Olomouc in Moravia from 1061 until his death. He was the youngest son of the Bohemian...

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