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Statutory city
Horní Square – the largest square in Olomouc (on right, the Holy Trinity Column; to the left, the Olomouc City Hall with its astronomical clock)
Horní Square – the largest square in Olomouc
(on right, the Holy Trinity Column; to the left, the Olomouc City Hall with its astronomical clock)
Flag of Olomouc
Coat of arms of Olomouc
Official logo of Olomouc
Olomouc is located in Czech Republic
Location in the Czech Republic
Coordinates: 49°35′38″N 17°15′3″E / 49.59389°N 17.25083°E / 49.59389; 17.25083Coordinates: 49°35′38″N 17°15′3″E / 49.59389°N 17.25083°E / 49.59389; 17.25083
CountryOlomouc Czech Republic
First mentioned1017
 • MayorMiroslav Žbánek (ANO)
 • Total103.33 km2 (39.90 sq mi)
219 m (719 ft)
 • Total99,496
 • Density960/km2 (2,500/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
779 00
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Official nameHoly Trinity Column in Olomouc
Criteriai, iv
Inscription2000 (24th Session)

Olomouc (UK: /ˈɒləmts/,[2] US: /ˈl-/,[3] Czech: [ˈolomouts] (Olomouclisten); German: Olmütz; Polish: Ołomuniec [ɔwɔˈmuɲɛts]; Latin: Olomucium or Iuliomontium) is a city in the Czech Republic. It has about 99,000 inhabitants, and its larger urban zone has a population of about 384,000 inhabitants (2019).[4]

Located on the Morava River, the city is the ecclesiastical metropolis and was a historical capital city of Moravia, before having been sacked by the Swedish army during the Thirty Years' War. Today, it is the administrative centre of the Olomouc Region and the sixth largest city in the Czech Republic. The historic city centre is well preserved and is protected by law as urban monument reservation. The Holy Trinity Column was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000 for its quintessential Baroque style and symbolic value.[5]

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Olomouc (UK: /ˈɒləmoʊts/, US: /ˈoʊloʊ-/, Czech: [ˈolomouts] (listen); German: Olmütz; Polish: Ołomuniec [ɔwɔˈmuɲɛts]; Latin: Olomucium or Iuliomontium)...

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SK Sigma Olomouc

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SK Sigma Olomouc is a Czech football club from the city of Olomouc. The club currently plays in the Czech First League, the first tier of Czech football...

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Olomouc Castle

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Olomouc Premyslid Castle is one of the most important castle complexes in the Czech Republic. It is located on Wenceslas hill in the historic city of...

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Olomouc Region

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Olomouc Region (Czech: Olomoucký kraj; German: Olmützer Region, pronounced [ˈɔlmʏt͡sɐ ʁeˈɡi̯oːn]; Polish: Kraj ołomuniecki) is an administrative unit...

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Siege of Olomouc

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The siege of Olomouc took place in 1758 when a Prussian army led by Frederick the Great besieged the Austrian city of Olmütz (now Olomouc, Czech Republic)...

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Research Library in Olomouc

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The Olomouc Research Library (Czech: Vědecká knihovna v Olomouci) is a public library in Olomouc, Czech Republic. The library was established in 1566 by...

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HC Olomouc

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HC Olomouc is an ice hockey team in the Czech Extraliga (first-level league) from Olomouc. They won the Extraliga championship in the 1993/1994 season...

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during the Thirty Years' War, Olomouc served as the Moravian capital, and it is still the seat of the Archdiocese of Olomouc. The region and former margraviate...

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Olomouc District

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Olomouc District (Czech: okres Olomouc) is a district (okres) within the Olomouc Region of the Czech Republic. Its capital is the city of Olomouc. Babice...

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Duke of Olomouc

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The title of Duke of Olomouc (Latin: dux) or Prince of Olomouc (Czech: kníže olomoucký) was held by members of the Bohemian Přemyslid dynasty in the Middle...

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Trams in Olomouc

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The Olomouc tramway network (Czech: Tramvajová doprava v Olomouci) is a standard-gauge tram system located in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Eight lines operate...

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Czech Republic

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Europe carried their raids into Moravia but were defensively defeated at Olomouc. After a series of dynastic wars, the House of Luxembourg gained the Bohemian...

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Olomouc Synagogue, (Czech: Synagoga v Olomouci), located in Olomouc, Czech Republic, was built in 1897 and was destroyed during a Nazi attack in March...

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Olomouc Law Book

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Olomouc Law Book or Commemorative Book of Olomouc (shelfmark SOk AO, cod. Knihy, 1540) is an illuminated manuscript created for the city of Olomouc around...

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List of Roman Catholic bishops and archbishops of Olomouc

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of diocesan bishops and archbishops of Olomouc. Not much is known about the beginnings of the Diocese of Olomouc. It was reestablished in 1063 and in 1777...

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49.6339; 17.3425 Olomouc Zoo, (Zoologická zahrada Olomouc) is a Czech zoo, located in Svatý Kopeček, Olomouc in Czech Republic. Olomouc Zoo is one of the...

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Unincorporated area

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Administrative centre (outside the military areas) Area (km2; 2021) Libavá Olomouc 0 Město Libavá 327 Hradiště Karlovy Vary 0 Karlovy Vary 332 Boletice South...

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Moravian Philharmonic

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(Moravská filharmonie Olomouc) is a Czech classical orchestra founded in 1945. Its resident venue is the Moravian Theatre in Olomouc. The current director...

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Olomouc astronomical clock

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The Olomouc Astronomical Clock (Czech: Olomoucký orloj) is part of the northern wall of the town hall of Olomouc, Czech Republic. The astronomical clock was...

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Saint Wenceslas Cathedral

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Katedrála svatého Václava) is a gothic cathedral at Wenceslas Square in Olomouc, in the Czech Republic, founded in 1107. The square was named after Saint...

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Olomouc Orthodox Church

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Olomouc Orthodox Church or Church of St. Gorazd is an Orthodox Christian church in the city of Olomouc in Moravia, in the Czech Republic. It was built...

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Otto I of Olomouc

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(Czech: Ota Sličný), a member of the Přemyslid dynasty, was Prince of Olomouc in Moravia from 1061 until his death. He was the youngest son of the Bohemian...

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Peace of Olomouc

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The Peace of Olomouc was signed on 2 April 1479 between Matthias Corvinus of Hungary and King Vladislaus II of Bohemia (and Hungary, later), bringing...

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Sigma Olomouc for the remainder of the season, with an option to make the move permanent, after just two league appearances for Sigma Olomouc. On 31...

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Olomouc Half Marathon

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The Olomouc Half Marathon is an annual half marathon race which takes place in June in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Known as the Mattoni Olomouc Half Marathon...

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Mother Teresa

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Plaque dedicated to Mother Teresa in Wenceslas Square, Olomouc, Czech Republic...

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Olomouc language island

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The Olomouc language island was a German-speaking area within the Czech-speaking area of central Moravia. It centered on the city of Olomouc, including...

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land tables from Olomouc to Brno, as Olomouc's Collegium Nordicum made it one of the primary targets of Swedish armies. In 1642 Olomouc surrendered to the...

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Margraviate of Moravia

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elected rival king of Bohemia at Olomouc. The rivalry with King Vladislaus II was settled in the 1479 Peace of Olomouc, whereby Matthias renounced the...

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Franz Joseph I of Austria

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December 1848, Franz Joseph's uncle Emperor Ferdinand abdicated the throne at Olomouc, as part of Minister President Felix zu Schwarzenberg's plan to end the...

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RC Olomouc

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RC Olomouc is a Czech rugby club based in Olomouc. They currently play in the KB První Liga. The club was founded in 1953. It started when Miloš Dobrý...

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SK Olomouc ASO

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SK Olomouc ASO was a Czechoslovak football club from the town of Olomouc, which played four seasons in the Czechoslovak First League. It was founded in...

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Ludwig van Beethoven

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Archbishop of Olomouc (now in the Czech Republic), which triggered the Missa solemnis Op. 123, intended to be ready for his installation in Olomouc in March...

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List of castles in the Czech Republic

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This is a list of castles and chateaux in the Czech Republic, organized by regions. List of castles in Europe List of castles Czech Republic - Manors,...

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Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Olomouc

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The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Olomouc (Czech: Arcidiecéze olomoucká, Latin: Archidioecesis Olomucensis) is a metropolitan archdiocese of the Latin...

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Czech First League

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Prague Zbrojovka Brno České Budějovice Jablonec Liberec Mladá Boleslav Olomouc Hradec Králové Baník Ostrava Viktoria Plzeň Slovácko Teplice Zlín Pardubice...

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Academia Film Olomouc

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Academia Film Olomouc (AFO) is an international science documentary film festival in Olomouc, Czech Republic, held each April under the patronage of Palacký...

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physics at the Philosophical Institute of the University of Olmütz (now Olomouc, Czech Republic), taking another year off because of illness. He also struggled...

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mountains, however. Parts of the now Czech regions of Karlovy Vary, Liberec, Olomouc, Moravia-Silesia, and Ústí nad Labem are within the area called Sudetenland...

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