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Northeastern Ukraine campaign information

Northeastern Ukraine campaign may refer to:

  • 2022 Kharkiv counteroffensive
  • Luhansk Oblast campaign
  • 2024 Kharkiv offensive

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Northeastern Ukraine campaign

Last Update:

Northeastern Ukraine campaign may refer to: 2022 Kharkiv counteroffensive Luhansk Oblast campaign 2024 Kharkiv offensive Eastern Ukraine campaign Northern...

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Eastern Ukraine campaign

Last Update:

Skirmishes along the Russia–Ukraine border in the area of northeastern Ukraine continued between Russian and Ukrainian forces beyond 14 May. On 20 May...

Word Count : 18765

2024 Kharkiv offensive

Last Update:

effective. Ukrainian forces counterattacked and regained some tactical positions in northeastern Vovchansk. Russian milbloggers reported that Ukraine counterattacked...

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Russian invasion of Ukraine

Last Update:

On 24 February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine in a major escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian War, which started in 2014. The invasion, the largest conflict...

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Luhansk Oblast campaign

Last Update:

fighting in northeastern Ukraine". The Telegraph. Archived from the original on 5 August 2023. Retrieved 6 August 2023. "Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment...

Word Count : 8135

Order of battle for the 2024 Kharkiv offensive

Last Update:

campaign-assessment-June-16-2024 "RUSSIAN OFFENSIVE CAMPAIGN ASSESSMENT, JUNE 18, 2024". ISW Press. 18 June 2024. "ISW: Ukraine bolsters defenses...

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Last Update:

hromadas of Ukraine. Population: 17,459 (2022 estimate), about 300 (2024). The city was largely destroyed during 2024 northeastern Ukraine offensive. Vovchansk...

Word Count : 1559

Battle of Krasnohorivka

Last Update:

the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a battle has been taking place between the Russian Armed Forces and the Armed Forces of Ukraine for control over the city...

Word Count : 2777

Battle of Soledar

Last Update:

threaten Bakhmut's northern and northeastern outskirts. During the eastern Ukraine campaign in the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russian and separatist forces...

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Last Update:

Sumy (Ukrainian: Суми, IPA: [ˈsumɪ] ) is a city in northeastern Ukraine. It serves as the administrative center of Sumy Oblast. The city is situated on...

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Last Update:

Geolocated footage published on Oct. 19 indicates that Ukrainian forces advanced into the northeastern part of Krynky, a village 35 kilometers east of Kherson...

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Battle of Bakhmut

Last Update:

the Ukrainian Armed Forces for control of the city of Bakhmut, during the eastern Ukraine campaign, a theatre of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It is...

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Last Update:

Robotyne (Ukrainian: Роботине, pronounced [roˈbɔtɪne]) is a village in Polohy Raion, Zaporizhzhia Oblast, Ukraine. Administratively, it is part of Tokmak...

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Eric Swalwell

Last Update:

Retrieved March 4, 2022. "Please stop calling it "Ukraine Conflict" or "War in Ukraine" or "Russia-Ukraine War." It is none of those. This is entirely on...

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Last Update:

Ryzhivka (Ukrainian: Рижівка; Russian: Рыжевка) is a village in Sumy Raion (district) in Sumy Oblast of northeastern Ukraine, on the left bank of the Seim...

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History of Ukraine

Last Update:

Prehistoric Ukraine, as a part of the Pontic steppe in Eastern Europe, played an important role in Eurasian cultural events, including the spread of the...

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Destruction of the Kakhovka Dam

Last Update:

2023 saying that Russia has launched an "aggressive" propaganda campaign to blame Ukraine for the Kakhovka Dam collapse. China's permanent representative...

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Second battle of Lyman

Last Update:

forces were continuing to hold the southwestern and northeastern districts, while other Ukrainian officials acknowledged most of Lyman, including the...

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Wagner Group activities in Ukraine

Last Update:

erupted in western and northeastern Kyiv, with Ukraine claiming to have repelled an attack on a military base. By the morning, Ukrainian forces had secured...

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Maidan Nezalezhnosti

Last Update:

including four large-scale radical protest campaigns: the 1990 student Revolution on Granite, the 2001 Ukraine without Kuchma, the 2004 Orange Revolution...

Word Count : 2558

Economy of Ukraine

Last Update:

Index for 2023. Ukraine is subdivided into nine economic regions: Carpathian, Northwestern, Podillia, Capital, Central-Ukrainian, Northeastern, Black-Sea-Coastal...

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Ukrainian language

Last Update:

family spoken primarily in Ukraine. It is the native language of a majority of Ukrainians. Written Ukrainian uses the Ukrainian alphabet, a variant of the...

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