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Nikongsamba is located in Cameroon
Location in Cameroon
Coordinates: 04°57′N 09°56′E / 4.950°N 9.933°E / 4.950; 9.933
Country Cameroon Nkongsamba Ambazonia
826 m (2,710 ft)
 • Total104,050 (Census)

Nkongsamba is a city in western Cameroon. It is in the Moungo[1] department, which is in the Littoral. As of the 2005 Census, the city had a population of 104,050. It is a centre for the farming of palm oil, bananas and coffee, and is between two mountains, the Manengouba Massif (2,396 metres (7,861 ft)) and Mount Nlonako. The central point is the "Ville"; other areas are measured in "Kilo", for kilometer. Mbo (Manenguba) is one of the languages used locally: in the surrounding district, Kaa and Baneka are used.[2]

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Nkongsamba is a city in western Cameroon. It is in the Moungo department, which is in the Littoral. As of the 2005 Census, the city had a population of...

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Aigle Nkongsamba

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Aigle Royal de Nkongsamba is a Cameroonian football club based in Nkongsamba. In 1971, the team won the Cameroon Première Division. Cameroon Première...

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Nkongsamba Airport

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Nkongsamba Airport (IATA: NKS, ICAO: FKAN) is an airport serving Nkongsamba, a city in the Moungo department of the Littoral region in Cameroon. The airport...

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Roman Catholic Diocese of Nkongsamba

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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Nkongsamba (Latin: Nkongsamben(sis)) is a Latin suffragan diocese in the ecclesiastical province of Douala in Cameroon. Its...

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North 235,996 6 Maroua Far North 201,371 7 Ngaoundéré Adamawa 152,698 8 Kumba Southwest 144,268 9 Nkongsamba Littoral 104,050 10 Buea Southwest 90,090...

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Metropolitan Archdiocese of Douala, like the Roman Catholic Diocese of Nkongsamba, which it was split off from in 2011. Tony Tchani, professional football...

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Communes of Cameroon

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districts (5 in Douala and 6 in Yaounde), 9 towns with special status (Nkongsamba, Bafoussam, Bamenda, Limbe, Edéa, Ebolowa, Garoua, Maroua and Kumba),...

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Phrynobatrachus cricogaster

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the mountains of western Cameroon and southeastern Nigeria. Common name Nkongsamba river frog has been coined for it. The specific name cricogaster is derived...

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de Douala (2) 1969 Union Douala (1) 1970 Canon Yaoundé (1) 1971 Aigle Nkongsamba (1) 1972 Léopards Douala (1) 1973 Léopards Douala (2) 1974 Canon Yaoundé...

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Dulcy Fankam Mendjiadeu

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and the Cameroon national basketball team She attended Lycee Manengouba Nkongsamba in her hometown and ranked No. 3 overall in Cameroon coming out of high...

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Anksa Kara

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Anksa Kara Born (1985-03-24) March 24, 1985 (age 38) Nkongsamba, Cameroon Years active 2007-2014 (per Iafd) Height 1.71 m (5 ft 7 in)...

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Cameroonian Pidgin English

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Francophone Kamtok. This variety is now used mainly in towns such as Douala, Nkongsamba, Bafoussam and Yaoundé, and by francophones talking to anglophones who...

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Prince Eyango

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Prince Eyango (born Ndedi Eyango; 27 April 1960 in Nkongsamba) is a Cameroonian singer, guitar player, songwriter, performer, and record producer. Popularly...

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capital of the West Region (then West Province) and equally replaced Nkongsamba as the economic hub of the region. Thus, important economic operators...

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Catholic Church in Cameroon

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Batouri Doumé-Abong' Mbang Yokadouma Douala Bafang Bafoussam Edéa Eséka Nkongsamba Garoua Maroua-Mokolo Ngaoundéré Yagoua Yaoundé Bafia Ebolowa Kribi Mbalmayo...

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Manenguba languages

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Manenguba Mountain (a former volcano) seen from Nkongsamba on the Eastern side...

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(Regional capital, railhead) Adamawa 231,357 Nkambe Northwest 17,191 Nkongsamba Littoral 117,063 Nkwen Northwest and West Obala Centre 30,012 Penja Littoral...

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City of Gastronomy

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such as creating abalone farms to ease pressure on ocean ecosystems. Nkongsamba  Cameroon 2023 Portoviejo  Ecuador 2019 For its rich agricultural and...

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Classrooms Douala is linked by rail to Yaoundé, Ngaoundéré, Kumba and Nkongsamba. Douala has a fairly developed road network compared to other cities in...

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Albert Ndongmo

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Albert Ndongmo (26 September 1926 – 29 May 1992) was Bishop of Nkongsamba in Cameroon between June 1964 and January 1973. In 1970 he was arrested, accused...

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Roman Catholic Diocese of Bafoussam

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February 5, 1970: Established as Diocese of Bafoussam from the Diocese of Nkongsamba The cathedral is the Cathédrale Saint-Joseph in Bafoussam. Bishops of...

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Mount Manengouba

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Mwanenguba with botanist Martin Cheek. Mount Mwanenguba Mount Manengouba from Nkongsamba "Manengouba". Global Volcanism Program. Smithsonian Institution. Retrieved...

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Western High Plateau

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gives rise to several waterfalls along these waterways. Ekon Falls near Nkongsamba in the West Region is 80 metres high. Crater lakes dot the plateau, the...

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Bakosi cattle

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They are found in the south-western mountains of Cameroon, west of the Nkongsamba on the border between the Southwest region and Littoral provinces. They...

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Thomas Nkuissi

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of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Nkongsamba, Cameroon, Africa. Thomas Nkuissi was born on 7 July 1928 in Nkongsamba. Ordained to the priesthood in 1958...

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