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Mohammmad Nizamuddin Awleya
Born1238 AD/ 635 AH
Badayun, Delhi Sultanate
Died3 April 1325 AD/ 18 Rabi Al-Thani 725 AH (aged 86-87)
Delhi, Delhi Sultanate
Resting placeNizamuddin Dargah
OrderChisti order
Muslim leader
Based inDelhi
Period in officeLate 13th century and early 14th century
PredecessorFariduddin Ganjshakar
SuccessorVarious, most prominent being Nasiruddin Chiragh Dehlavi,

Amir Khusrow, Syed Jalaluddin Husain Bukhari alias Makhdoom Jahanian Jahangasht of Uch Sharif, Akhi Siraj Aainae Hind, Burhanuddin Gharib and

Syed Najmuddin Ghawsud Dahar Qalandar

Muhammad Nizamuddin Auliya (sometimes spelled Awliya; 1238 – 3 April 1325), also known as Hazrat Nizamuddin, and Mahbub-e-Ilahi (lit.'Beloved of God') was an Indian Sunni Muslim scholar, Sufi saint of the Chishti Order, and is one of the most famous Sufis from the Indian Subcontinent.[2] His predecessors were Fariduddin Ganjshakar, Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki, and Moinuddin Chishti, who were the masters of the Chishti spiritual chain or silsila in the Indian subcontinent.

Nizamuddin Auliya, like his predecessors, stressed love as a means of realising God. For him his love of God implied a love of humanity. His vision of the world was marked by a highly evolved sense of religious pluralism and kindness.[3] It is claimed by the 14th century historiographer Ziauddin Barani that his influence on the Muslims of Delhi was such that a paradigm shift was effected in their outlook towards worldly matters. People began to be inclined towards mysticism and prayers and remaining aloof from the world.[4][5][6] It is also believed that Ghiyas-ud-din Tughluq founder of Tughluq dynasty interacted with Nizamuddin. Initially, they used to share good relationship but soon this got embittered and relation between Ghiyas-ud-din Tughluq and Nizamuddin Auliya never been reformed due to opinion disharmony and their antagonism resulted regular disputes between them during that era.

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