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Namosi is one of Fiji's fourteen provinces and one of eight based in Viti Levu, the largest island. Located to the west of Suva, the province covers 570 square kilometers. Its population of 7,871 at the 2017 census was the second smallest of any Fijian province.[1]

  1. ^ Fiji Bureau of Statistics (5 January 2018). "2017 Population and Housing Census - Release 1". Census 2017. Archived from the original on 12 February 2018. Retrieved 8 April 2018.

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Namosi Province

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of any Fijian province. Namosi Province includes Namosi District, as well as the districts of Veivatuloa and Wainikoroiluva. The province is governed by...

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Namosi District

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Namosi District is one of the districts of Namosi Province, Fiji. The province is ruled by a council and chaired by Ratu Kiniviliame Taukeinikoro. v t...

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Tui Namosi

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The Tui Namosi is a chiefly title held by the Paramount Chief of Namosi Province on the main island of Viti Levu, Fiji. The clan's progenitor Robatiratu...

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Marika Koroibete

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Marika Koroibete (born 26 July 1992) is a dual-code international rugby league and rugby union footballer. He has been capped for Australia's national...

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Navua is a town in Fiji. It had a population of 5,421 at the 2012. The food industry develops here. During colonial times, several sugar factories were...

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Waisoi mine

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Waisoi mine is a large copper mine located in the southern Fiji in Namosi Province. Waisoi represents one of the largest copper reserve in Fiji and in...

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Health in Fiji

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Central Serua Island/ Namosi Province Navua Hospital 26,220 12 Central Naitasiri Province Vunidawa Hospital 19,332 21 Central Rewa Province Area Medical Wainibokasi...

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consists of the provinces of Rewa Province, Nadroga, Serua, Kadavu off the coast of Suva, and parts of Ba and Namosi. Burebusaga covers the southern and...

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Kiniviliame Taukeinikoro

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and former political leader. From 2001 to 2006, he represented the Province of Namosi in the Senate as one of fourteen nominees of the Great Council of...

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Alipate Ratini

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Ratu Alipate Ratini (born February 17, 1991) in Namosi, Suva is a Fijian rugby union and rugby league footballer. He played wing for Fiji and previously...

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Suliano Matanitobua

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Social Democratic Liberal Party. Matanitobua holds the chiefly title of Tui Namosi, to which he was installed in 1999, replacing his father, Ratu Saloon Matanitobua...

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Antonio Tanaburenisau

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Antonio Tanaburenisau (born 1948) is a former Fijian politician. He won the Namosi Fijian Communal constituency as a candidate of the Fijian Association Party...

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1914 Fijian general election

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East Province, Kadavu Province, Naitasiri Province, Namosi Province, Rewa Province (except Levuka), Serua Province, Tailevu Province 19 May Suva Suva Municipality...

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1917 Fijian general election

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Province, Kadavu Province, Naitasiri Province, Namosi Province, Rewa Province (except Suva), Serua Province, Tailevu Province 23 June Suva Suva Municipality...

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Naitasiri Province

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villages in the province were situated along rivers. Public infrastructure works since the 1960s include the Sawani-Serea road, the Naqali-Namosi road, a new...

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1926 Fijian general election

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Province, Namosi Province, Rewa Province (except Suva), Serua Province, Tailevu Province Suva Suva Municipality Vanua Levu and Taveuni Bua Province, Cakaudrove...

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1920 Fijian general election

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Province, Kadavu Province, Naitasiri Province, Namosi Province, Rewa Province (except Suva), Serua Province, Tailevu Province 2 September Suva Suva Municipality...

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1923 Fijian general election

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Province, Namosi Province, Rewa Province (except Suva), Serua Province, Tailevu Province Suva Suva Municipality Vanua Levu and Taveuni Bua Province, Cakaudrove...

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Provinces of Fiji

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Nadroga-Navosa Ratu Sakiusa Makutu 9. Naitasiri Ratu Solomoni Boserau 10. Namosi Ratu Kiniviliame Taukeinikoro 11. Ra Sakiusa Karavaki 12. Rewa Pita Tagi...

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Bisayan languages

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such as those that make up Romblon, most of the areas of Mindanao and the province of Sulu located southwest of Mindanao. Some residents of Metro Manila also...

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Surigaonon language

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Surigaonon people. As a regional Philippine language, it is spoken in the province of Surigao del Norte, Dinagat Islands, Surigao del Sur, and some portions...

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New Caledonian languages

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West Namosi-Naitasiri-Serua Rotuman Western Fijian East...

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Levani Botia

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Rugby World Cup Sevens. Botia also played in the Digicel Cup for his province, Namosi and he even took his side to the semi-final in 2013. He even captained...

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Aklanon language

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Austronesian language of the Bisayan subgroup spoken by the Aklanon people in the province of Aklan on the island of Panay in the Philippines. Its unique feature...

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Higaonon language

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Mindanao, comprising northwestern Agusan del Sur Province and the area of Agusan del Norte Province south of Butuan City. According to Ethnologue, it...

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Taukei ni Waluvu

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Levu Pre-Colonial States being Verata, Waimaro, Bau, Rewa, Naitasiri and Namosi. In September 1862, zealous Methodist missionary Reverend Frederick Langham...

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Maguindanao language

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Maguindanao language is the native language of the Maguindanao people of the province of Maguindanao located in the west of Mindanao island in the south of the...

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Oceanic languages

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new primary branch of Oceanic: Temotu linkage, named after the Temotu Province of the Solomon Islands. Blench (2014) considers Utupua and Vanikoro to...

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Cham language

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Phước Vân District (Bình Định Province), Đồng Xuân District (Phú Yên Province), and Tây Sơn District (Bình Định Province) Chàvà Ku, a mixed Malay-Khmer...

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into 14 provinces. They are: Central Division has 5 provinces: Naitasiri, Namosi, Rewa, Serua, and Tailevu. Eastern Division has 3 provinces: Kadavu, Lau...

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Tagalog language

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the majority language of the province, Tagalog is now the main language of "mother tongue" primary education in the province and is the majority language...

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Sabahan languages

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languages are a group of Austronesian languages centered on the Bornean province of Sabah. The constituents are separated into two families in Blust (2010):...

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Bikol languages

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in the Bicol Peninsula in the island of Luzon, the neighboring island province of Catanduanes and the island of Burias in Masbate. Ethnologue groups the...

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Makassarese language

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Macassar, is a language of the Makassarese people, spoken in South Sulawesi province of Indonesia. It is a member of the South Sulawesi group of the Austronesian...

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Manus Koro language

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northeastern Manus Island and on Los Negros Island to the east in Manus Province of Papua New Guinea. It has SVO word order. Koro at Ethnologue (18th ed...

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Fijian traditions and ceremonies

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relationship relates to people of Colo from Inland Viti Levu e.g. Serua, Namosi areas, The meaning of Tako-Lavo is the Father {Tako} Son {Lavo} relationship...

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Hermit language

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language formerly spoken on Hermit, Luf and Maron Islands in western Manus Province, Papua New Guinea. It has been replaced by Seimat. Hermit at Ethnologue...

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Onhan language

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language spoken, along with the Romblomanon and Asi languages, in the province of Romblon, Philippines. The language is also known as Inunhan and Loocnon...

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Mansaka language

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Baganga, and into central-west Davao de Oro province, continuing south back into Davao Oriental Province as far south as Pujada Bay. Mansaka at Ethnologue...

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Kamayo language

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reports that Kamayo is spoken in the Agusan del Sur Province border areas, and in Davao Oriental Province between Lingig and Boston. Kamayo is a language...

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Pekal language

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Sumatra in Indonesia, more specifically in Mukomuko Regency in Bengkulu Province. It should not be confused with Mukomuko language/dialect which is much...

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Amara language

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by about 1200 individuals along the northwest coast of West New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea on the island of New Britain. Speakers have close to...

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Pangasinan language

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Philippines. It is the primary and predominant language of the entire province of Pangasinan and northern Tarlac, on the northern part of Luzon's central...

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