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Nagua Dominican Republic 2.jpg
Monument of Nagua Dominican Republic.19°22′48″N 69°51′0″W / 19.38000°N 69.85000°W / 19.38000; -69.85000
CountryNagua Dominican Republic
ProvinceMaría Trinidad Sánchez
Municipality since1938
 • Total552.71 km2 (213.40 sq mi)
3 m (10 ft)
 • Total79,420
 • Density140/km2 (370/sq mi)
Distance to
 – Santo Domingo

180 km
Municipal Districts3

Nagua is the capital of María Trinidad Sánchez province, in the northeastern Dominican Republic.

A medium-sized town, Nagua's economy relies on the production of agricultural products, principally rice, coconuts, and cocoa bean. Located on the north of the Samaná Peninsula, Nagua lies on the highway leading from Puerto Plata to the city of Samaná.

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Nagua is the capital of María Trinidad Sánchez province, in the northeastern Dominican Republic. A medium-sized town, Nagua's economy relies on the production...

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other merengue típico artists, such as Trio Reynoso and El Cieguito De Nagua, who were close friends of Rodriguez. Another notable Mama Juana drinker...

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merengue tipico, such as Tatico Henriquez, Samuelito Almonte, and El Ciego de Nagua, she added congas, saxophones, and electric bass to the tipico ensemble...

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countries was broken. In the Dominican Republic, the fishing community of Nagua sustained damage from waves that destroyed homes. 55,000 soldiers were deployed...

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northeast Dominican Republic accompanied by a tsunami in the region of Nagua. Haiti was also affected. 1952 27 October: earthquake at Anse-à-Veau in...

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Jarabacoa Jima Abajo María Trinidad Sánchez Cabrera El Factor Río San Juan Nagua Monseñor Nouel Bonao Maimón Piedra Blanca Monte Cristi Castañuelas Guayubín...

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playing, such as short ribs and lobster tails. De La Cruz was born in the Nagua, Dominican Republic. She credits her interest in culinary arts to her grandmother...

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Dominican Army

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12 in San Francisco de Macorís,. Companies Infantry Cotuy 11, 13 & 14 in Nagua Samana). 8 Infantry Battalion (Com, and Support Company Infantry Company...

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films, concentrating mainly on dancing. In interviews, she has stated that Nagua Fouad was her "biggest rival" at the time. Zaki also performed frequently...

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stones struck by lighting, used by Shango. (Yoruba mythology) La Carreta Nagua (The Wagon), a haunted cart that is driven by Death and pulled by two skeletal...

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inhabited the Peninsula of Samaná and part of the northern coast toward Nagua in what today is the Dominican Republic, and, by most contemporary accounts...

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the great-grandson of politician Santiago Alba Bonifaz and the uncle of Nagua Alba. Alba earned a licentiate degree in philosophy from the Complutense...

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"canoe," coatí "coati," colibrí "hummingbird," chirimoya "custard apple," naguas "rags," guayaba "guava," huracán "hurricane," iguana "iguana," jaguar "jaguar...

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Islands 5 Win 5–0 Luis Sosa KO 1 (6), 0:34 Aug 22, 2009 Polideportivo, Nagua, Dominican Republic 4 Win 4–0 Ambiorix Ciriaco KO 2 (4) Jul 25, 2009 Gimnasio...

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strong winds and heavy rainfall, triggering mudslides. In northeastern Nagua, winds knocked a power line onto a bus which resulted in triggering a fire...

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accordionists also began their careers during this period, including El Ciego de Nagua, Rafaelito Román, and Francisco Ulloa. In the 1990s, most groups maintained...

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living accordionists like Francisco Ulloa, Fefita la Grande, El Ciego de Nagua, and Rafaelito Román. More modern merengues incorporate electric instruments...

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Oxfam-Magasins Du Monde Oxfam-Wereldwinkels Equita La Siembra Cooperative Plan Nagua Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-Op Alter Eco Éthiquable Lobodis Solidar'Monde...

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Ciguayo language

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spoken on the northeastern coast of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Magua from Nagua southward to at least the Yuna River, and throughout all of the Samana Peninsula...

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Narciso Crook

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Chicago Cubs – No. 24 Outfielder Born: (1995-07-12) July 12, 1995 (age 27) Nagua, Dominican Republic Bats: Right Throws: Right MLB debut June 30, 2022, for...

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History of women in Puerto Rico

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hammocks, petticoats (Naguas) of cloth and lace. She also weaved baskets. Single women walked around naked while married women wore a Nagua (na·guas), as petticoats...

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Villa Jaragua – José Trujillo Valdez Villa Julia Molina was the name of Nagua – Altagracia Julia Molina Dom Aleixo Administrative Post – Aleixo Corte-Real...

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north-central coast of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Magua from Puerto Plata to Nagua, and inland to San Francisco de Macorís and further. It was also distributed...

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Vega Cibao Cibao Sur 2,287.24 412,469 176.64 1844 María Trinidad Sánchez Nagua Cibao Cibao Nordeste 1,271.71 140,954 111.17 1959 Monseñor Nouel Bonao Cibao...

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Distrito Nacional

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Jarabacoa Jima Abajo María Trinidad Sánchez Cabrera El Factor Río San Juan Nagua Monseñor Nouel Bonao Maimón Piedra Blanca Monte Cristi Castañuelas Guayubín...

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