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Flag of Mtskheta
Official seal of Mtskheta
Mtskheta is located in Georgia
Location of Mtskheta within Georgia
Mtskheta is located in Mtskheta-Mtianeti
Mtskheta (Mtskheta-Mtianeti)
Coordinates: 41°50′47″N 44°43′10″E / 41.84639°N 44.71944°E / 41.84639; 44.71944Coordinates: 41°50′47″N 44°43′10″E / 41.84639°N 44.71944°E / 41.84639; 44.71944
CountryMtskheta Georgia
Established5th century BC
460 m (1,510 ft)
 • Total7,584
Time zoneUTC+4 (Georgian time)
Postal code

Mtskheta (Georgian: მცხეთა, romanized: mtskheta [mtsʰχɛtʰɑ]) is a city in Mtskheta-Mtianeti province of Georgia. One of the oldest cities of Georgia and its former capital, it is located approximately 20 km (12 mi) north of Tbilisi, at the confluence of the Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers. Currently a small provincial capital, for nearly a millennium until the 5th century AD, Mtskheta was a large fortified city, a significant economical and political centre of the Kingdom of Iberia.

Due to the historical significance of the town and its several outstanding churches and cultural monuments, the "Historical Monuments of Mtskheta" became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.[1] As the birthplace and one of the most vibrant centers of Christianity in Georgia, Mtskheta was declared as the "Holy City" by the Georgian Orthodox Church in 2014.[2]

In 2016 the Historical Monuments of Mtskheta were placed by UNESCO under Enhanced Protection, a mechanism established by the 1999 Second Protocol to the 1954 Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict.[3]

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Mtskheta (Georgian: მცხეთა, romanized: mtskheta [mtsʰχɛtʰɑ]) is a city in Mtskheta-Mtianeti province of Georgia. One of the oldest cities of Georgia and...

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Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

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Pillar) is an Orthodox Christian cathedral located in the historic town of Mtskheta, Georgia, to the northwest of the Georgian capital Tbilisi. A masterpiece...

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Mtskheta Municipality

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Mtskheta (Georgian: მცხეთის მუნიციპალიტეტი) is a district of Georgia, in the region of Mtskheta-Mtianeti. Its main town is Mtskheta.[citation needed]...

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Kingdom of Iberia

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traveled.[citation needed] One of these was Mtskheta, the future capital of the Kingdom of Iberia. The Mtskheta tribe was later ruled by a prince locally...

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Mtskheta Park is a multi-use stadium in Mtskheta, Georgia. It is used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of FC WIT Georgia. The stadium...

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Iakob of Mtskheta

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Iakob of Mtskheta (Georgian: იაკობი) was the second archbishop of the Georgian Orthodox Church in period of 363–375. მოქცევაჲ ქართლისაჲ, შატბერდის კრებული...

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Mirian III of Iberia

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authority in the Caucasus and utilize the position of the Iberian capital Mtskheta as an entrance to the important passes through the Caucasus Mountains....

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khinkali and the juice will be spilled. The towns of Dusheti, Pasanauri and Mtskheta are particularly famous for their khinkali. Hingel Manti Xiaolongbao Jacob...

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Eustathius of Mtskheta

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Eustathius or Eustace of Mtskheta (Evstat'i Mtskhet'eli; Georgian: ევსტათი მცხეთელი) (died c. 550) is an Orthodox Christian saint, executed for his apostasy...

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Ioane I of Mtskheta

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Ioane I of Mtskheta (Georgian: იოანე I) was the first archbishop of the Georgian Orthodox Church in period of 335–363. საქართველოს კათალიკოს–პატრიარქები...

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Gabriel Urgebadze

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life and piety. With many miracles ascribed to him, Gabriel's grave at Mtskheta has attracted an increasing number of pilgrims. The Georgian Orthodox Church...

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Borders of Russia

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Georgia Kakheti Ingushetia Russia North Ossetia–Alania Chechnya Georgia Mtskheta-Mtianeti Kabardino-Balkaria Russia North Ossetia–Alania Stavropol Krai...

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Natakhtari (Georgian: ნატახტარი) is a village in the Mtskheta municipality, Mtskheta-Mtianeti region, Georgia. It is located in Eastern Georgia, on the...

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Saint Nino

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and started preaching the Christian faith in Urbnisi, finally reaching Mtskheta (the capital of Iberia). The Iberian Kingdom had been influenced by the...

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Eastern Orthodox Church

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Orthodox Church (Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia, the Archbishop of Mtskheta-Tbilisi and Metropolitan bishop of Abkhazia and Pitsunda) Church of Cyprus...

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(Georgian: სტეფანწმინდა; formerly Kazbegi, ყაზბეგი), is a townlet in the Mtskheta-Mtianeti region of north-eastern Georgia. Historically and ethnographically...

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North Ossetia–Alania (W) Stavropol Krai (NW) Foreign: Georgia (Kakheti and Mtskheta-Mtianeti) (S) Rivers: Terek Sunzha Argun Despite a relatively small territory...

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Eye of Providence

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Lake City, Utah Jesuit Church, Mannheim, Germany Shio-Mgvime Monastery, Mtskheta, Georgia Commonly in the context of a reference to the Illuminati, numerous...

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Abiathar and Sidonia

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Abiathar and Sidonia were a legendary Jewish priest of Mtskheta and his daughter. They were attendants to Queen Nana. Abiathar is said to have been the...

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Vakhtang I of Iberia

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Constantinople to elevate the head of the church of Iberia, the bishop of Mtskheta, to the rank of catholicos, whom he sent, together with twelve newly appointed...

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Armenian alphabet

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gravestone commemorating Serafua, daughter of the Georgian viceroy of Mtskheta, is inscribed in Greek and Aramaic only. It has been believed, and not...

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Azerbaijanis in Georgia

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inhabiting mostly rural areas like Kvemo Kartli, Kakheti, Shida Kartli and Mtskheta-Mtianeti. There is also a historical Azerbaijani community in the capital...

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Seamless robe of Jesus

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various Eastern Orthodox churches, notably Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta, Georgia. According to the Gospel of John, the soldiers who crucified Jesus...

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Nana of Iberia

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traditionally considered to have been buried at the Samtavro convent in Mtskheta, where their tombs are still shown. Wikimedia Commons has media related...

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Georgian Orthodox Church

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dependence was altered after the 11th century, when the catholicos of Mtskheta spread out his jurisdiction over western Georgia. Since then, the head...

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The Jvari Monastery, one of the oldest churches in Georgia, located in country's ancient capital city of Mtskheta....

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 522–534), the successor of Vakhtang I, moved the capital of Iberia from Mtskheta to Tbilisi and began construction of the fortress wall that lined the city's...

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For Georgia

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and Shalva Kereselidze, the former governor of Mtskheta-Mtianeti, is majoritarian of Mtskheta-Dusheti-Tianeti-Kazbegi. Ana Buchukuri, elected from...

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List of heads of the Georgian Orthodox Church

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da unetaresi, sruliad sakartvelos katolikos-patriarki, mtavarepiskoposi mtskheta-tbilisis da mitropoliti bichvintisa da tskhum-apkhazetis.." "His Holiness...

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locale in Georgia, 4 km southwest of Mtskheta and 22 km northwest of Tbilisi. A part of historical Greater Mtskheta, it is a place where the ancient city...

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Dimitri Khundadze

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physician and politician. Dimitri Khundadze was born on 30 November 1968, in Mtskheta of the Georgian SSR, which was then a part of the Soviet Union. He was...

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Kingdom of Georgia

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the 9th century, instead recognizing the authority of the Catholicate of Mtskheta. The church language was changed from Greek to Georgian. During the 10th...

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Eastern Orthodox priest wearing epitrachelion (stole) and epimanikia (cuffs), Mtskheta, Republic of Georgia...

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Conical roof

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Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, Mtskheta, Georgia...

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Tochinoshin Tsuyoshi

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გორგაძე; [lɛvɑn ɡɔɾɡɑdzɛ])) is a Georgian professional sumo wrestler from Mtskheta. He is a member of the Kasugano stable and made his professional debut...

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different parts of the Caucasus, now the towns of Dusheti, Pasanauri and Mtskheta are particularly famous for their khinkali. The fillings of khinkali vary...

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Upper Khevsureti, which is now part of the modern-day region (mkhare) of Mtskheta-Mtianeti. As of 2014 census, population of the village was 22. Located...

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Samtavro necropolis

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samarovani) also known as Samtavro necropolis, is a cemetery north of Mtskheta, Georgia, dated between the middle of the third millennium BC and the 10th...

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Pharnavaz I of Iberia

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of mamasakhlisi ("father of the house") of the Georgian tribes around Mtskheta. Pharnavaz's mother is claimed to have been a Persian woman from Gabai...

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