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Moravané, Moravani, Moravci
Moravian national costumes.jpg
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Moravians Czech Republic630,897 (2011)[1]
Moravians Slovakia2,049 (2021)[2][3]
Czech (Moravian dialects), Silesian, Slovak
Roman Catholicism (majority) also Irreligion Protestantism (minority)
Related ethnic groups
Czechs, Silesians, Slovaks and other West Slavs
Moravia within the European Union

Moravians (Czech: Moravané or colloquially Moraváci, outdated Moravci) are a West Slavic ethnographic group from the Moravia region of the Czech Republic, who speak the Moravian dialects of Czech or Common Czech or a mixed form of both. Along with the Silesians of the Czech Republic, a part of the population to identify ethnically as Moravian has registered in Czech censuses since 1991. The figure has fluctuated and in the 2011 census, 6.01%[4] of the Czech population declared Moravian as their ethnicity. Smaller pockets of people declaring Moravian ethnicity are also native to neighboring Slovakia.

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themselves as Moravians, not Czechs. Then, for fear of Germanization, Moravians would begin to publicly refer to themselves as Moravian Czechs — joining...

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Moravian Church

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Katherine Carte. Religion and Profit: Moravians in Early America (2010) Fogleman, Aaron Spencer. Jesus Is Female: Moravians and the Challenge of Radical Religion...

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Moravian may also refer to: a member or adherent of the Moravian Church, one of the oldest Protestant denominations Moravia, the region Moravians, people...

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Moravian slaves

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The Moravian Slaves, a popular narrative about Christian Missions concerning Johann Leonhard Dober and David Nitschmann, describes how these two young...

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Moravian dialects

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variants of Czech, some Moravians (108,469 in the 2011 Census) claim them to be one separate Moravian language. Southeastern Moravian dialects form a dialect...

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Moravian Church in North America

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the 1730s–40's and because the Moravians welcomed anyone into their church services, most German Pietists viewed Moravians as more than harmless heretics...

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Moravian Academy

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Valley region of eastern Pennsylvania. Moravian Academy is an independent school, but traces its origins to the Moravians, who settled Bethlehem, Pennsylvania...

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Moravian Wallachia

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East Slavic dialects. In 1866, Hyde Clarke reported that the Moravians viewed the Moravian Vlachs (Wallachians) as an "alien race", but Slavic-speaking...

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majority of the population identified as Moravians, rather than Czechs. In the census of 2001, the number of Moravians had decreased to 380,000 (3.7% of the...

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Moravian Serbia

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Moravian Serbia (Serbian: Моравска Србија, romanized: Moravska Srbija), the Principality of Moravian Serbia (Serbian: Кнежевина Моравска Србија, romanized: Kneževina...

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History of the Moravian Church

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congregations Moravians are buried in a traditional God's Acre, a graveyard organized by gender, age, and marital status rather than family. The Moravians continue...

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Moravian Church music

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The Moravian musical tradition in United States began with the earliest Moravian settlers in the first half of the 18th century. These Moravians were members...

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Great Moravia

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exceeds the number recorded in the sources (11 centres of Moravians and 30 centres of "other Moravians" or Merehanos; opinions differ as to how to interpret...

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Moravian Karst

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The Moravian Karst (Czech: Moravský kras) is a karst landscape and protected landscape area to the north of Brno in the South Moravian Region of the Czech...

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Moravian cuisine

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Moravian cuisine (Czech: Moravská kuchyně, German: Mährische Küche, Polish: Kuchnia morawska) encompasses the cooking styles, traditions and recipes associated...

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Moravian University

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Moravian University is a private university in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The institution traces its founding to 1742 by Moravians, descendants of followers...

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Moravian Gate

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The Moravian Gate (Czech: Moravská brána, Polish: Brama Morawska, German: Mährische Pforte, Slovak: Moravská brána) is a geomorphological feature in the...

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Czech Americans

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Ohio. The Moravians established a number of settlements, such as Bethlehem and Lititz in Pennsylvania and Salem in North Carolina. Moravians made great...

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Football Association of the Czech Republic

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the partition of Czechoslovakia the association took the name Bohemian-Moravian Football Federation (Českomoravský fotbalový svaz; ČMFS) until June 2011...

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Gnadenhutten massacre

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the unarmed Moravians up and said that they planned to execute them for being spies, charges that the Moravians rebutted. The Moravians asked their captors...

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Moravian Falls

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Moravian Falls is a waterfall in Wilkes County, North Carolina. The waterfall is located on Moravian Creek, where it flows over a large bedrock to a lower...

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Moravian Confession

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Moravian Confession is a doctrinal document of Protestants in Moravia from 1566. It is written in moderate and inclusivistic tone (sometimes referred as...

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Moravian Philharmonic

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The Moravian Philharmonic (Moravská filharmonie Olomouc) is a Czech classical orchestra founded in 1945. Its resident venue is the Moravian Theatre in...

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Moravian star

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Moravian Church as an Advent symbol. At the time, Moravian congregations were inhabited exclusively by Moravians and the church owned and controlled all property...

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Moravian spice cookies

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Moravian spice cookies are a traditional kind of cookie that originated in the Colonial American communities of the Moravian Church. The blend of spices...

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Margraviate of Moravia

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marked the border with the Duchy of Austria. Moravians, usually considered a Czech people that speak Moravian dialects, made up the main part of the population...

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Ephraim Moravian Church

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Administration, 1938, discusses the history of Moravians in Ephraim Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ephraim Moravian Church (Ephraim, Wisconsin). v t e...

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Morava Banovina

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The Morava Banovina or Morava Banate (Serbo-Croatian: Моравска бановина / Moravska banovina), was a province (banovina) of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia between...

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Czech Republic

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the inhabitants of the Czech Republic are Czechs (57.3%), followed by Moravians (3.4%), Slovaks (0.9%), Ukrainians (0.7%), Viets (0.3%), Poles (0.3%)...

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Moravian Burial Ground

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still be used for ashes. Moravians generally call their burial grounds 'God's Acre'. The Fetter Lane Congregation of the Moravian Church is also known as...

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groups reported (without options to choose between) were Czechs (51.6%), Moravians (18.7%), Slovaks (1.5%), Ukrainians (0.9%), Vietnamese (0.4%), and Poles...

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Catholic Church

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Adventist Anabaptist Anglican Baptist Evangelical Holiness Lutheran Methodist Moravian Pentecostal Quaker Calvinism Eastern Eastern Catholic Eastern Orthodox...

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(member of the people, kinsman). The Czech ethnonym was adopted by the Moravians in the 19th century. The population of the Czech lands has been influenced...

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Moravian Diet

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The Moravian Diet (Latin: Moraviae generali colloquio; Czech: Moravský zemský sněm, earlier Moravský stavovský sněm; German: Mährisch-ständische Landtag)...

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Rastislav of Moravia

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the Slavs (apparently the Moravians) and together attack Louis the German's kingdom. In the course of the Bulgarian–Moravian attack, Louis the German deposed...

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Svatopluk I of Moravia

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Franconians surprised a party of Moravians somewhere near the traps that guarded the narrow approaches to a Bohemian fort. The Moravians were returning to their...

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Moravian Library

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South Moravian Region. The initial foundations for what would eventually become the Moravian Library began in 1770 with the Library of the Moravian Economic...

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John Wesley

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the English panicked, the Moravians calmly sang hymns and prayed. This experience led Wesley to believe that the Moravians possessed an inner strength...

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Moravian Wallachian dialect

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The Moravian Wallachian dialect is a Czech dialect spoken in the Czech Republic, influenced by standard Czech and Slovak, which includes Romanian words...

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Orthodoxy Nestorianism Ancient Assyrian Proto-Protestantism Hussites/Moravians Waldensians Protestantism Adventism Anabaptism Amish Brethren Hutterites...

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Fulneck Moravian Church

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this work. In July 1742, the Moravians established a headquarters at Smith House, a farmhouse near Halifax. A Moravian family by the name of Gussenbauer...

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Sudeten Germans

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(German: Deutschböhmen und Deutschmährer, i.e. German Bohemians and German Moravians), later known as Sudeten Germans, were ethnic Germans living in the Czech...

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Unincorporated area

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2021) Libavá Olomouc 0 Město Libavá 327 Hradiště Karlovy Vary 0 Karlovy Vary 332 Boletice South Bohemian 0 Kájov 219 Březina South Moravian 0 Vyškov 158...

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List of people from Moravia

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Moravia (c. 840–894), ruler of Great Moravia Svatopluk II (c. 884–906), Moravian prince of Nitra Ludvík Svoboda (1895–1979), General of I Czechoslovak Army...

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from the 1700s. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is one of the headquarters of the Moravian Church in America. Pennsylvania also has a very large Amish population...

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