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Mongo language information

RegionDemocratic Republic of Congo
EthnicityMongo people
Native speakers
(400,000 cited 1995)[1]
Language family
  • Atlantic–Congo
    • Volta-Congo
      • Benue–Congo
        • Bantoid
          • Southern Bantoid
            • Bantu (Zone C)
              • Bangi–Ntomba
                • Mongo–Bolia
                  • Mongo–Nkunda (C.60)
                    • Mongo
Language codes
ISO 639-2lol
ISO 639-3lol – inclusive code
Individual code:
ymg – Yamongeri
Glottologmong1338  Mongo
bafo1235  Bafoto
Guthrie code
C.61,611; C.36H[2]

Mongo, also called Nkundo or Mongo-Nkundu (Lomongo, Lonkundu), is a Bantu language spoken by several of the Mongo peoples in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Mongo speakers reside in the north-west of the country over a large area inside the curve of the Congo River. Mongo is a tonal language.

There are several dialects. Maho (2009) lists one of these, Bafoto (Batswa de l'Equateur), C.611, as a separate language. The others are:[2]

  • Kutu (Bakutu), including Longombe
  • Bokote, including Ngata
  • Booli
  • Bosaka
  • Konda (Ekonda), including Bosanga-Ekonda
  • Ekota
  • Emoma
  • Ikongo, including Lokalo-Lomela
  • Iyembe
  • Lionje, Nsongo, Ntomba
  • Yamongo
  • Mbole, including Nkengo, Yenge, Yongo, Bosanga-Mbole, Mangilongo, Lwankamba
  • Nkole
  • South Mongo, including Bolongo, Belo, Panga, Acitu
  • Yailima
  • Ngombe-Lomela, Longombe, Ngome à Múná
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